Thursday, September 24, 2009

Coastin' Along



  1. If you NEED it, I give my HEARTY approval to the colors in this coaster set!!! LOVE the splash of red! You may like cool, crisp whites in your own decor, but you can sure mix up some SWEET batches of color!
    :) Ann

  2. Thanks, everyone! Still plugging away at these coasters - Hope to have the third one done tonight and will start the last one tomorrow..... Stay tuned! : )) Fox

  3. OMG! I can hardly stand it! Your tatting is super gorgeous!
    I've just about perfected knitting and have dabbled in shuttle all forms of fiber manipulation...
    I was wondering what that item is you wound some thread on.
    Maria knackfulknitter at

  4. Hi Maria! Thanks for the visit and your exuberant note! What you see is an Aero tatting shuttle - used for lace making - purchased from Roseground Supplies, an on-line tatting provider.
    Fox : )