Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ye Olde Lampe and Tattings

The Lamp. Where I put my completed projects. It is a constantly changing view. Sort of like a bulletin board for tatting.

Well, last month, when my daughter was in town, she suggested that my all white, spartan apartment could do with a wee bit of colour. Just a bit, she urged and suggested perhaps a few pillows would be perfect. Humouring her, I agreed, and we picked up two cushions that rather appealed to me.

I'm glad she spoke up; (Thanks, Jo!) - yes - the aesthetic of minimalism can sometimes do with an infusion of colour!

I like the pillows and am enjoying the happy effect they have in my space. Then I noticed an odd thing:


The pillows sit very near ye olde lampe:
see what I mean! LOL!



  1. Wow Fox!
    That looks like a collage in a magazine! Those are beautiful pillows. I like the snatch of the striped fabric on the back that can be seen. And how funny that you gravitated toward the colors of your tatting without realizing it! Do the beads on your tatting glow when the lamp is on? Are you planning any more color infusions?
    :) Ann

  2. It looks like you are having fun tatting for your lampshade.

  3. OH My, the pillow looks so nice with the lamp and its tatted motifs. The colors compliment each other so nicely on the pillow and lamp, almost like you planned it that way.

  4. Pillow and lamp are very nice and I love the colors that you have choosen for both !
    ancolie from france

  5. Thanks, every one!

    I am still enjoying my subconsciously tatting infused pillow choice! Fox : ))