Monday, August 17, 2009

TIME - How Do YOU Do It?

The time element... managing your time, balancing your priorities; at this, I must admit, I have never been stellar!

I have no clock control.

Today, no work, yet I sit here covered in thread, not prepared for the rest of the day, as I am reading a book, finishing some tatting and playing with the camera. All important aspects of my life, but SO time-consuming!

Demands on my time - minimal, and yet I never seem to have enough hours in a day.

Gotta go! But I will leave you with this morning's photos.

I could not stop thinking about this heart.

It was so WRONG!

I took it apart; re-tatted the edge.




  1. The heart is very pretty Fox. Time is a huge problem, huh? I don't know where it goes. If you figure it out, let me know.

  2. Nice change for the heart. I think it does look better.

    How is it that time becomes such a precious commodity as you get older? And with the fast pace that kids live today with hardly a moment not scheduled at something, I can't imagine how it will be for them!

  3. It looks so much better. I hate to un tat anything but I have in the past.

  4. Oh! That is a pretty edge for your heart! It opened up the whole design didn't it?

    Time is tricky for me too. I wake up each morning, a time optimist with two lists in my head - the things I NEED to do and the things I WANT to do - and I'm SURE I can put a huge dent in both before evening falls. Then of course I will relax with the family and tat or stitch. I must be cockeyed because it NEVER works out as planned. The most frustrating part is that often I sabotage myself by wasting the time I have!

    :) Ann

  5. Hi! I came across this post as I'm sitting here feeling guilty about not getting anything else done - ha! I can relate to the time issue - there never seems to be enough time no matter how many days off I have. I guess we should just be thankful we have another day - whether it's spent re-tatting or not!

  6. Well, of course logically, we all have the same amount of time; but, we all manage it differently because of things beyond our control (mostly) Children, DH, work (at home or outside, it's still work) expectations of others...pressures we put upon ourselves..blah blah blah
    (LOL) I use to teach time management skills as I balanced 19 units, 3 teenagers, and a 35 hour a week teaching schedule (of course that doesn't count out of class prep time!) Plus, running the ranch...tracking first time heifers, wiener calves. aghhhhhh
    So I brought home the lessons I was teaching my students.
    A list B list and C list I made sure I completed at least 1 A list project a day and at least 2 off the b and c (things like dropping off cleaning) The most important thing is to not feel guilty if you can only complete 1 or two tasks a day from the list in a week. Then, there are mental health days when the list is hidden away...and life just happens. Mental Health Day! LOL this actually works, but one has to persevere.
    hugs, Bev
    ahem..was that question rhetorical?

  7. I know where mine likes to be at - in front of the computer going through all the wonderful tatting blogs, :-D

    The heart looks much better after you did the surgery on it, :-)

  8. The 2nd heart looks much better!
    As for time time to comment on that...LOL!

  9. Very good Fox, you figured out what to do when you didn't like the result. it really changes the look of the heart for the better.

  10. Time is relative...

    Well, at least according to Einstein it is, or was, or will be...hee hee hee...
    Anyway, the change of heart is lovely! :)

  11. Tattycat. I don't think I am even in the ball park to begin to figure it out! : ))

    Gina, It is all relative, as the Chiclet said. As the kids age, I think they will much feel as we do, as our grandparents did in their time. I think time does take on a different meaning as one ages, you are right. : )

    Krystle, You are funny! Yes, you would be a billionaire! LOL!

    Thanks, Tudy! I am ALWAYS un-tatting! Can't say I like to do it, but I am getting very accustomed to doing it!

    Hi Ann, I believe that we think we prioritize, but our inner selves make sure we actually do what we in realty intend to! The key is to become awake to that inner dialogue - very tough stuff! My humble opinion , of course! : ))

    Happy Bluebird, You said it! Thanks for the visit!

    Bev, Bev, Bev,.... Of COURSE it is! But I love hearing your thoughts and hearing your story!
    xxoox : )

    Jon, Mine too! I love doing that!
    Thanks. I am getting better at fixing things I KNOW are not right! Sometimes it feels as if I am in a competition - with myself! I race through and make too many errors! : )

    Thanks, Yarnplayer! I Know that know all about time - I used to play the flute, so I feel the notes in a lot of funny places!
    Thanks for the visit. : )

    Ladytats, Thank you. As I get more familiar with the techniques, I am able to focus on the process a bit more, making the result more pleasing. It sure is a learning curve of a different variety! : )

    Hi there Tattingchic! Yes, relative it is! And a lucky thing it is too! Thanks for the comments : ))

  12. Wow, your "second try" at that heart really made an impact. It says "WOW!" now. Great job!

    I will think of you the next time I agonize over cutting off several hours worth of tatting because it just doesn't look right.