Saturday, August 8, 2009

Maltese Ring = Maltese Falcon. Both in Hiding!

Thank you for your help. The suggestions were all good and valid, but, I have a peculiar learning style, and I am afraid I have not yet stumbled on the right instructions.

I will keep looking; perhaps at the
I might find another tatter to demonstrate the technique.
In Person!

I am going to a tatting event!!
ME, the , crowd-hating, antisocial,
claustrophobic curmudgeon - going to a Tatting Weekend!

I got very excited thinking about the event, and blundered my way through this heart, unaware of bulbous developments, happily stitching away. Fumbles and all, here it is.

After this, EGO and PRIDE disrupted the weekend.

Here's why.

I sent in a membership application to The Fringe Tatters Guild. A small, tatted heart is requested every year, as an example of tatting, at events and so forth. No big deal, right?

Very wrong. I sent in the form and a heart I had been pleased with a few months back, but as I thought about that little piece being representative of my tatting now, my eyes narrowed into little slits, my mouth tightened, turning low at the corners, and I became obsessed with the idea that PEOPLE would JUDGE that little heart -BADLY .

WOW! Get a life, Fox!

The result of this self-absorbed idiocy: I tatted a new heart, using Birgit Phelps's pattern, (from the last post) not changing it, but adding beads and a pink Swarovski crystal.

The crystal? A timely brain wave; I remembered a pair of earrings, never worn, purchased just for the beads. I dismantled them, swiped the crystals, and Bob's your uncle!

I tatted the heart in a few hours and sent it off to the guild with an explanatory note! Heaven knows what I said! I was just so anxious to get it in the mail ASAP!

Lucky I find myself so downright ridiculous, or I would be insufferably overbearing!

Here is the heart. It is a demonstration to no one but me about not much of anything! But, I must admit, I like it!



  1. Oh Fox, I like your red, beaded and crystalized heart too! It is VERY pretty and well done!

    I also like your pink and green heart. The edge looks difficult - what is the name of that kind of stitch or is it picot joins? I'm impressed that you were able to make it while you daydreamed!

    How exciting about Tat Days! I haven't seen in-person tatting since I was six. You will have SUCH a good time! How funny that a hobby most people would consider kind of a loner activity brings you out of your shell and makes you want to connect! That's the way it is for me also.


  2. I like your hearts. The beaded one is lovely, but then so is the pinkish-greenish (it looks like a light coral or pink rose with a lovely aqua heart around it) one, too! Either one would be a lovely representation of tatting. Well, I'm glad you picked the one that you felt best about. I think it's important to feel good about your work and if that's the one that did it for you, then that's the one that should go. They do heart or snowflake exchanges every year at the lace event I usually go to and the pieces I've seen entered aren't nearly as nice as this. No, I'm not just being nice, because I feel kind of bad saying something not nice about the tatting time that these ladies put into their items.

  3. Hmmm... a little self-critical, I think! Both hearts show incredible dedication to learning. If everyone needed to show perfection to join, I'm sure the membership would be very small! Have fun, and please post lots of pictures!

  4. Ann - I love your enthusiastic comments about my tatting! You really gave me a boost today when I read them!
    It's true. I am a shy person usually, but about tatting??? LOOK OUT!! Thanks for the acknowledgment about all that, too! : )

    TattingChic, I get your point! I just grumble on about how dissatisfied I usually am about my own progress - certainly not in comparison to anyone else - just to my own personal goals and expectations! The life and times of an incorrigible Type A!!!

    Hi Diane! Oh, don't take me too seriously - I don't! As I said above to the Chiclet, I just grumble a lot and carry on..... such drama! Yes, lots of pics..
    Fox : ))

  5. If I haven't told you before, your header is ... WOW! What a beautiful shuttle and your clunny tatting is great!

    Both of your hearts are wonderful and you should be proud to claim them as your work.

  6. Thanks, Bonnie, I had fun putting that header together.. and the hearts as well : ))