Saturday, August 22, 2009

I am NEVER going to fix it. So there.

I have become too intense about all this. Tatting is supposed to be fun and I am altogether too serious. A serious personality flaw. Much better to be jovial and sometimes even frivolous! I blame it on genetics.... or bad diet.

At any rate, here is the latest offering. An Iris Niebach freebie that I found and just had to tat - even though I promised myself I would stick to the border..... it IS halfway done, though......

The big flaw here isn't even in the tatting; it occurred because I was not paying attention while hiding the ends and I sewed them in at the wrong place! Invisibly. Impossible to undo. They are never coming out.

Sometimes it is just so hard to stay focused.

Now I am going to tat something for the fun of it. Just because I want to. So there.


  1. pssst......I know the feeling..

    Love that motif!

  2. You make me laugh Fox!
    Each time you say "so there" I imagine you are sticking your tongue out! Perhaps not what you intended, but in my own personal experience the two seem to walk hand in hand...

    Regardless of the invisible, impossible to undo, ends tied in the wrong place... it is a BEAUTIFUL piece! It IS so hard to stay focused at times and it seems that as some parts of tatting come easier to me, I let my guard down and ZING!!! I'm zapped!

    And I am glad you are tatting for fun tonight - enjoying the journey is just as important as being happy at the destination!

    :) Ann

  3. Ok, take a few deep breaths and calm down.

    Here's a hint. If there are flaws, don't shout it out. If you do people will start looking for it, that is human nature, LOL. It is okay to make mistakes.

    Your tatting is pretty, flawed or not.

  4. It's not so bad. It looks well done to me.

    I did the same doily this summer.

    I'll show on a post on my blog what I did with it.

    Have fun tatting!

  5. Fox, you make me laugh. As "sewmuch4fun" said, I too tend to link "So There" with sticking your tongue out. even if you don't actually do it, that is the impression. and good for you.
    I had to really look to find the boo boo and if you hadn't said anything, I doubt any of us would have noticed. Looks good to me.
    have fun tatting.

  6. OOH>>.
    How i hate hiding ends!!!
    And I can't ever manage that "magic thread" teq.
    OK, so what!
    Your piece looks great!
    And yes, we wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't told us!

  7. I would have never noticed it!! It's such a pretty pattern and it looks beautiful!

  8. Thank you, one and all. I cannot say that I will not point out the mistakes again - this is something I want to talk about in the next post, so stay tuned!

    I love the way you were all so supportive and generous with your remarks. Thanks again!
    Fox : )

  9. Oh yes do let your tatting stay a fun and enjoyable thing. Looks fine.

  10. Hi Eliabeta! I see you have been busy with the computer! Very nice!
    Thanks for your kind words! It is not perfect, but all in all I am pleased with this little piece. I love the shape. XOXO Fox : )