Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free Dirt : Pointing Out Mistakes

Sometime last week, I mentioned that I had something to say about how we all point out the flaws in a creation that we are pleased with and then everyone admonishes us for doing this, yadda, yadda.... You know the story. Right?

Well, this is my blog - Web Log... Purpose? Keep track of my stuff; write about some endeavor or other.

My opinion: this is an appropriate place to address flaws, so that emotions surrounding the mistake are acknowledged and accepted by the writer. Nothing is ever perfect; so to me, it makes perfect sense to address the mistakes and re-contextualize them as a new challenge. Then move on

I don't think it's negative or bad in any way to point out mistakes, if one is clear as to why this medium is being used to do so.

I am NOT going to point out the flaws in this one!
Pattern by Lyn Morton in Tatting Patterns

Nor will I show you the boo-boos here:
Pattern: Ruffled Heart by Vicki Clarke

I will say, however, that the ruffled edge nearly drove me mad!
This is going in a card to a friend who is not feeling well. I thought it was a happy looking heart.



  1. The heart is sure to let her know that you care and it is very cheery colors. good choice.

  2. I agree with you about being forthright and cognizant of our own tatting boo boos, or pieces that did not live up to what we'd hoped for in the end. I, too, was chastised about being too "hard on yourself" when I talked about the flaws I saw. I think perhaps one of the reasons that you and I think as we do (and probably others do the same thing) is that we came from a world where a critique was not a negative thing ; but, to digest and build upon. In fact, during my classes that had open critiques, we were told to give positive words on negative aspects; as in, "I don't care for ---- but your concept is sound, just technique needs a little more work." Frankly, I grew from comments such as that. Critiquing our own work is a fine line; it is said, "every artist should have a friend with a rubber mallet so they don't overwork the piece." Well, with tatting, I think we are intelligent enough look at what we've done and make a resonable summation; and, that we have that right.
    Hugs from Gram Bev

  3. Hi Fox!
    As it IS your blog, I promise to respect your right to fling dirt at your work WHENEVER you want to!

    Probably the best thing about pointing out flaws to yourself is being able to look back and see how far you have come. I make notes to my future self when I have figured out how to do something properly. It's like to leaving myself a trail of crumbs in case it's a while before I walk down that path again.

    Both of these pieces are VERY pretty! I LOVE that ruffled heart pattern and plan to try it someday. It will certainly cheer your friend up!

    :) Ann

  4. the ruffles had me ruffled too. I couldn't count right lol

  5. I agree with you. Sometimes I'm able to remember what I did that displeased me by writing it down. I don't mind my mistakes, because I learn from them. Your pieces look beautiful! Just think how much you've learned!

  6. LOL! You have comments open to whoever and yes, you can moderate them, but keep in mind...people also have the right to respond however they are going to respond to your web log. If I see someone being to hard on themselves I'll encourage them to be a little kinder to themselves! There's nothing wrong with that, either! :)
    Good day all!

    ~TattingChic ♥

  7. I agree.

    Mistakes are useful to learn how to make better works.

  8. Tatting looks good and we do learn from our mistakes so no worries.
    Your friend will cheer up after recieving this happy looking heart.

  9. Ladytats, thanks! I thought it was very cheery as well!

    Hi Bev! Nice to know you are called "Gram"! Your synopsis of why we like the 'critique was well written! I agree, of course, but I also recognize that others may not. And that is fine too! Its a public forum, this blogging thing, and as long as it's 'clean', everybody has a right to say whatever! Or get out of the kitchen - so too speak! Fox : ) xxooxx

    Hi Ann, Love the Hansel and Gretel analogy. Thanks for the visit! BTW, those ruffles are wicked! : ) Fox

    Krystle, I obviously cannot count either - even the second time - no cigar! Fox : )

    Hi Diane, Thanks! : ) Fox

    TattingChic, I am not trying to moderate anyone's comments! LOL! I love to hear them all and encourage everyone to speak their own truth. I just want to be able to critique my own work and have that be fine as well! No problem! Everyone, including me, has a right to say whatever they wish - as long as the comments fall within the blogging "rules".

    You are always a very kind person as exemplified by your comments! That is why I love to hear from YOU! : )) Fox

    Carla, I always think mistakes are actually just steps to the next lesson. You cannot improve and grow without them! : ) Fox

    Hi Susanne, Thanks! I hope he was cheered up with the little, happy heart! I popped it in the mail yesterday. : ) Fox

  10. LOL! Fox, not to beat a dead horse, but you comments ARE on moderation, LOL! That's how you have it set, LOL! That's what I meant, silly Fox. ;)

  11. TattingChic, The horse is gasping!!! LOL!

    I think we are talking at cross purposes here! I thought I was addressing the freedom I need to talk about my mistakes! HELP! I hate it when I do not understand! LOL! Fox : ))

  12. Hi TattingChic! DONE! Whew!!! : )) Fox