Monday, August 31, 2009

Eccentric or Tatting Takes to the Road

While running errands over the weekend, I found myself photographing a lovely old car that sat in front of a well tended garden, in front of charming frame house in Toronto's Beach.

When I got into my car, I had an overwhelming urge to get out my tatting, as I was working on a fun piece that I had just started that morning and this was such a pretty location! So I did!

The Result



  1. The result is truly amazing.

    The colors are marvellous!

  2. wow...very pretty...hope this will bring back my tatting mojo

  3. Fox, this post has got IT ALL! - A BEAUTIFUL tatted piece, AWESOME photographs (your jeans are a PERFECT backdrop and please tell me that was a spare tire) and words that set the scene! Sounds like a peaceful, pretty tat.
    :) Ann

  4. Carla, Thank you! From you, this is such a compliment!

    Hi nima! Thanks for the visit and the kind comments! Come back to tatting! : )

    Hello Ann! Wow - this time you made my day! Thank you! It was a lovely hour! And yes, that was the spare. It was a grand old car. : ) Fox