Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Debate About Closing the Ring

Krystle asked to see samples of closing the ring tatted by other people, to determine which method produces the most uniform result.

My contribution follows.

I find it difficult to distinguish one method from the other, but like Suzanne, I find #2 to be the best. #4 is next , but I would never close that way!

From left to right:

1) shuttle not posted prior to closing

2) shuttle posted prior to closing

3) additional first half stitch and close

4) additional first half stitch, post and close

5) additional second half stitch and close

6) additional second half stitch, post and close

Well... ? Anyone else tried this?



  1. Gosh...I've never even thought about how I close a ring-I don't know what you mean by "post the shuttle". That being said, I really think that ring #2 looks the tidiest so I'm thinking I better find out what posting the shuttle means :)

  2. One thing that is emerging from this sample collection is that ring #2 is incontestably rounder. This is something of which I had not been able to entirely convince myself, even when presenting the argument in my T.A.T. phase I package.

  3. Interesting experiment. Wonder what the 'inventers' of tatting would think and what they did? I'm going to give this a try when next I pick up a shuttle!!!

  4. Thanks Fox! I hope everyone realizes that I was just interested in comparison. curiosity kills cats, not tatters, right?


  5. Before Krystle's post I never knew there were other ways to close the ring.

    I have just tried the 1st and 2nd. . .

    On your tatting I like #1 I think it looks best. #5 coming in a close second.

    I love all I learn from blogs!

  6. True, TattingChic, AND it sure is fun to experiment and play with technique! : ))

    Hi Donna! Posting is a fancy way of saying putting the shuttle through the ring before you close it! This seems to make the rings rounder, also, easier to open if you need to!

    Suzanne,Rounder yes, but other than that, not too much difference. Does make it a lot easier if there is a mistake, though! : )

    Jane, I think they would be astounded at the changes in tatting, aside from everything else, like the internet and the community! Curious to see what you think.

    Krystle, Watch your back! I hear they have amended the Criminal Code in Canada to address these issues..... USA cannot be far behind.... : ))

  7. EnlightenedByAngels, I do to! There is just SO much out there.

    I guess you like the teardrop shape. I am more partial to the rounder one - I think! I have not entirely decided. : )

  8. Hi Fox!
    I have been guilty of basically covering my ears and singing LALALALALALALA as loudly as possible to ignore the possibility that posting was better, simply because I am a creature of habit. Fortunately for me, I forgot to close my eyes and saw your comment back to Donna - easier to open rings? I may be posting more than blog entries! I'll have to try it out now.

    Oh, and your comment to Krystle - very funny!

    :) Ann

  9. Hi Fox,
    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comment about my doily

  10. I don't "think " when I close the rings !!! am I normal ?
    I see that a tatters'life is not easy ;-)))
    thank you for your visit on my blog
    Have a nice day
    ancolie from France

  11. Hi Carla! It is always a pleasure!

    ancolie, Ah, never easy! You are most normal! I think there are not too many of us obsessed with this closing conundrum!!! : ))

  12. Thank you for teaching me what "posting" means, Fox!

    Anything that makes rings easier to open is a priceless tip.

    I'm also a fan of the teardrop shape (creature of habit, that's me) but I like having the option of making a ring more round when I want to.

  13. Well, Isdihara! I have never taught anyone anything about tatting before, so if you picked that up by reading the "discussion", I could not be more thrilled!!!

    It is amazing what a person can learn online! Indeed, as I have often said, I would not even be tatting were it not for the marvelleous tatting community out there in Tat-land!

    Glad you can open the rings more easily, now! Every little bit helps in a re-tat! : )) Fox