Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dodging the Endless Hankie Edging

It really did take me HOURS to figure out this quite simple pattern.....simple only after the fact!

Finally, I realized that in order to not cut the thread, and to use a split ring to "climb out" of the first round, ( NOW, I know what that 'climbing out' means!) I had to begin with a chain! Who knew! : ))

I am in the middle of the second round now and it is looking good. Using DMC Cordonnet - #50, ecru. This is a wonderful thread to work with. Smooth. I've never used it before.

I have to mention the crystal heart. I posted a few days ago how I mailed one of these with my membership application to the Fringe Element Tatters guild.

Well, I guessI had not fondled it enough; I needed to BOND with it a bit more and it was GONE!

So, I tatted another. : )

These projects are clever avoidance mechanisms to dodge the endless hankie edging!



  1. Notes and everything... I'm impressed! Fondling and bonding is important. I'm glad you made another heart for yourself!

  2. This is a lovely little doily and the crystal at the end of the heart is great. I like how that looks.

  3. Well done for finally figuring your way out to the next round.

    Before I start on a new project, I always make a study of the design, whether the chart (if provided) or the picture of the design. I would trace out the patterns with a pencil to see where it starts and ends. While doing this, I try to figure out where I can 'climb out' to the next round. Most of the time, I find that I have to start at a different position that what was written in the pattern.

    Fox thinking, "Yeah, now she tells me" LOL

  4. JON, You are so right! The pattern said to start at another place and that is what took me so long to figure out. I kept starting the piece not realizing I had to begin with the chain before the final ring! I like the idea of tracing it out first - makes such sense! Why didn't you say so before!! LOL : ))

    Yes, Diane - one for me! I am still fondling it!

    Thanks, Carol. This pattern was very nice to tat the second time - actually relaxing!

  5. Ha ha! I guess many of us tatters sit and stare and touch our work when it is finished, LOL! For a very short amount of time, of course. LOL! Your work is nice. Have a great rest of your weekend! :)