Monday, July 20, 2009

Toothpaste in the Eye but no Beads in the Ventricle - It's Only Growing Pains!

It was an odd weekend; something was definitely in the wind...... Change was affixing to happen...... Omens were everywhere.............

The new duvet and cover that looks so pretty? The cat threw up on the bed. New beads? Spilled all over and panic ensued; the cat likes to eat any little bits on the floor, no matter the material.

Said cat has affliction; heart condition, and I worried (un-academically) that one of the beads would end up in his heart and that would bead the end of him!

The toothpaste? How , I ask you , does one spray toothpaste into one's eye while brushing? It can most certainly be done. Just ask me.

Then, suddenly, my fortunes changed. Good news? PLENTY!

Started with Patti Duff's Minitats:

Still a few glitches, but a definite improvement and they took very little time to finish. This speed is uncharacteristic of my past tatting ....

The twisted picot in the first one - I worked on this till I really understood what I was doing. I think I have figured out how to remedy it, which I do by twisting the picot before attaching it. This method seems to work for me.

BEADING has become my very best friend. Finished two Minitats, beaded and am really happy with the result. The motifs are NOT FLOPPY!.

I always compare my little motifs to a precious little hoard of Jon's work that I am so fortunate to possess as a tatting guide, and you know, my work is catching up! I am no means there yet, but the quality has suddenly undergone a dramatic change.

The first follows Minitats, and in the second I added a ring. The addition of beads prompted me to really learn how do beading, not just mess around with them, for once referring to the wealth of tatting books I seem to have collected over the past year. No more hit and miss!

Again, with the library, I managed to learn BLOCK TATTING! Love it. I always overlooked patterns with this technique, and was surprised at how much fin it is to do. Very rough, but, hey, it is a start!

I think the disturbing, disquieting, out of synch atmosphere of my tatting, and indeed everything in my life these days, lately was GROWING PAINS!

Take heart, any new tatters who may read this.

All of a sudden, if you work steadily and patiently, your work will improve and things that seemed impossible are second nature. It seems to happen - at least it did to me - when you are not paying attention. One day you are tatting and it is as if you always knew how to do all the baffling tricks that eluded you!

It is almost my first year anniversary of entering tat-land. Perhaps that is the turning point, I suppose - one year.

It was worth the toothpaste and spilled beads ...



  1. I love the mini tats. Patti's book is great isn't it? As for your block tatting - Well done!
    Toothpaste in the eye? Hmmmm....I once got hot sauce in the eye... I'm sure they are both equally painful!

  2. You said it! I say it with every new tatter I teach - PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! There is a learning curve for your hands and fingers and eyes, getting used to the motion, tweaking the style, developing a rhythm. I changed the way I made my 1st half ds after 3 years. I learned you don't have to have a lot of thread to whip around your shuttle fingers...but it took me 3 years to really be convinced that *I* could do it. I think people give up too soon.

    I love the color in that first motif! So little but so bright!

    And yeah, you have to twist the picot you're joining through which seems to defy logic but it works!

  3. What an improvement in your tatting. WELL done. Did you use the easy way of block tatting?

  4. My Dear have, indeed, come so far in a year!
    Block tatting, fun yes. I'm still trying to get those little lines of ds to lay very close to one another. I have a sample of Martha Ess' (a parisol) and I've yet to begin to reach that consistency.
    I thought "i had it" because one of the tatted monkey legs looked so fine; then, second leg. Too commonly, loose ~ little gaps between the rows. what to do, what to do. I guess I just keep tatting blocks.
    Your mini tats look great! hugs, Bev

  5. wow that sounds like an interesting week. and on the toothpaste thing dont worry I have done the same thing who knows how LOL Your tatting is beautiful. I have been tatting for 7 years and still mine looks pretty rough at times. Sometimes I think its got alot to do with your mood, stress levels etc... I know when I am under more pressure with the kids and hubby my tatting is really tight but when I am relaxed its alot better :) What you have done is beautiful and i have not yet mastered the block tatting, that is on my "to master" list.
    Have a good day
    Heatherps I am having a contest stop by my blog to enter :) its a mystery

  6. You're doing grand - keep it up. I just love Patti's book. Mine is soo care worn now! :-)

    You didn't say what the multi coloured thread is, or who dyed it? Says the one who keeps buying HDT but not using it.... just grope & fondle it and wrap it back up in it's tissue for another day :-)
    Love, light & peace

  7. I love Patti Duff's book! I guess I need to try some beading now... I certainly have enough supplies, so why not experiment? Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I'm nooo tatter, but your works looks amazing. I'm sorry to read about the beautiful white duvet.

  9. Yikes! I forgot to tell you that the gorgeous thread is Yarnplayer's gorgeous Rhubarb Pie #20, and the beautiful blue one is from Tatskool, also #20. Both wonderful to use.

    Sherry - NO! Hot sauce is definitely worse! (BTW - your glorious HDT is next up on the list!) : ))

    Heather , Mood matters! You are absolutely right!
    I am going to check your contest now! : )

    Gina, Yes - only repetitive practice is going to do it! And, I suppose, that is the real challenge and test as to whether on loves this sport or not! : )

    Jane, Easy Block tatting? There is something EASY in this game??? : )) Do tell! Fox

    Bev, I am not even thinking about how it looks - straight or crooked.... I am just super happy that I could follow the directions! : ))

    YorkieSue, You MUST take that thread out of the tissue and USE it right now! Don't save it for "company"! It is beautiful to work with and makes the whole experience so much fun! Just use a teensy bit at a time, but enjoy it! (Like I enjoyed Yarnplayer's Rhubarb Pie!)

  10. Diane, I am glad you are inspired - I get lots of inspiration from watching your prolific use of thread!

    Heather, I just realized you said you had done the toothpaste thing lots of times!!! How DO we do that? LOL!

  11. You did a nice job on your motifs! Hope your cat fares well with the swallowed beads! You are right in your title...they won't end up in his heart! ;)

  12. TattingChic, You aren't impressed with my veterinary skills? But, I am glad you liked the motifs, - thanks! : ) Fox

  13. Hi Fox!
    Your minitats are so pretty! I love the heft of them (like they really weigh much more, but there IS a difference) when you add beads to them - very satisfying for some reason. I got some threader floss today because I want to add beads to joining picots.

    I'm glad your cat is doing OK and that things turned around - you had quite a streak going! Perhaps you should wear goggles when you brush...

    :) Ann

  14. Mini tats is an awesome book. Cool that you learnt to block tat by your self!

    Hope the kitty's ok!

  15. Hello Anne,
    It is a fun book. And I like that it is easy to add beads, because the project is so small.
    What is threader floss, speaking of beads? : ) Fox

    ps Thanks, the cat is fine.

    wickedtats, The book is great and thanks for the comment! All my tatting is book-learned! Thank goodness I have amassed a lot of books! Solitary stuff, this tatting, but there are not a of us out there!
    The kitty is A-OK! : )) Fox

  16. Hey Fox!
    I didn't know what threader floss was either - it seems to be a little stiffer than regular floss. I read about it in one of Yarnplayer's tutorials. It is called USING THREADER FLOSS TO ADD BEADS TO A PICOT. I couldn't find the same brand she had, but don't you know I tried!

  17. Hi there, Ann,

    (Sorry about the "e" above! Not very observant of me, ANN!

    Thanks for the info - I'll look at Yarnplayer's blog. : ) Fox

  18. Absolutely beautiful. I thing it must be difficult to get the hang of, this tatting business.

  19. Hi Silver Surfer,
    Thanks for the note.... It IS difficult at first and then it gets easier! You might like it! That little island you are on is famous for a certain lace:
    I only know this because I went to your blog and became interested in where you live! I had not heard of Tenerife before! : )) Fox

  20. *applauds* I give you a standing ovation for your wonderful progress! Great job, Fox!

    Is there any way you can share your "twist it beforehand" method of fixing the twisted picots? I have this problem and have been unsuccessful for YEARS at correcting it. Skype? Google Talk? Video? A Drive-By Tatting Intervention? LOL!

  21. Hi Isdihara,
    Thanks! I will try to find the directions that got me on this new non-twist kick..... I'll send them to you when I figure out where I got them from. My own explanations, I fear, would further confuse the already sensitive issue! : )) Fox

  22. Congratulations in coming so far with your tatting, block tatting is great fun. Your mini tats look fab.

  23. Tatskool, Thank you so much! Block tatting boggles my mind! I am still trying to get it right. The mini tats are really a goof way to warm up - I love doing them. : )