Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Muse was an Imposter!

The knitted sock has gone to a friend to do with as she wishes! The Muse was a SNEAKY TEST! I kept looking at the little beaded sock as I knitted one stitch after another, wondering why I was knitting, when I wanted to tat! Such a conflicted life I lead!

I realize it is far better to tell the truth and then make a decision: do it or not. Easy peasy. Keeps everything very simple.

I do not want to knit, crochet or any other crafty thing at this time. I just want to tat. So be it!

This is the next HDT and beads for the socks for the friend of my daughter. I have decided to give the completed ones to my granddaughter. She loves pink. Easy decision.

Ah, such relief!


  1. LOL! You are so funny! I can knit and crochet, although, not so well. I'd much rather tat, too! :)

  2. You ARE funny! What a heavy weight to be carrying glad you got it off your chest LOL!
    I'd rather tat too!

  3. Okay then, I love to tat too but I am stuck with completing a knitted cardigan for my girl. Finished one side of the front last night. Now working on the other side and I ran out of yarn. Woo ... hooo.. now I have an excuse to tat while I delay getting more yarn.

  4. oh yes, tatting is so much more fun, I have 3.5 afghans to finish and I should crochet several more prayer cloths, but tatting calls so the kids afghans wait.

  5. Hi Fox, I know what you mean about wanting to tat. It's all I want to do to. When I am busy in the evening running the kids to some activity, I just keep thinking about being at home and tatting LOL!!

    The beaded tatted edge on the little sock is very pretty!

    Happy Tatting!

  6. LOL! WELL ~ I can see that there is LOTS of agreement on this one! Finishing knitting or crochet items seems to take forever, when there is a tatting design in one's head!

    The simplest solution to all of it: just tat!
    Fox : ))

  7. I have crocheted edges to socks before but never added tatting. Do you sew it on after the tatting is finished? Or how do you do it. I am just picking my tatting up again after many years and loving it.

  8. Hi Trudy, Thanks for the visit!
    Yes, I sew it on afterward, stretched over an Altoids tin and secured with very thin elastic thread - forget what it is called but it is a small spool, made in Germany, purchased at a yarn shop. Hope this helps! Fox : ))

  9. Hi Fox!
    Thank you for entering my giveaway! Good luck to you!
    (Oh, and I mean this in the nicest possible way...please don't call me TC! Everyone wants to call me that and it's like fingernails on chalkboard to me! LOL!)
    Thanks! HUGS!

  10. TattingChic! That's what happens when I am in such a hurry.... terrible nicknames! No more chalkboard! : )) Fox xxoox

  11. LOL! It's okay...for some reason everyone likes to call me that... I know it's like a term of endearment. I try to stop it because then EVERYONE will call me that because it's "Catchy" to most people, LOL! Thanks for understanding.
    Some people think that "TattingChic" is too long so if you want to call me Chic or Chiclet that's okay. That's why you'll see Lady ShuttleMaker saying that sometimes, LOL!