Monday, July 13, 2009

Hey You Guuuyyys!

I am taking my cue from my fourteen month old grandson's lexicon.... These are a few of his very first intelligible words! And I am asking you tatter "guys" for your help!

This is Jon's pattern, which I have done to practice the covered ring. I added the necessary picots and then went on with the rest of the snowflake that she did in the original snowflake pattern.

I did this more leggy version instead of the more compact one, because I didn't know how to add the rings directly - without turning the thing upside sown and adding the ring at the picot side. I added the chains first - Could I have added the ring directly? Am I making sense? I want the join to be at the ring, not in the air. Do I just do a shuttle join and carry on?

Should anyone be tatting this, be aware that it takes a fair amount of thread. I was using the larger-than-Clover, Lacis, SewMate shuttle and this is all I had left on the shuttle-shuttle. There was more of course on the ball-shuttle, but not much more.



  1. Hi Fox!
    So you are wanting to have the rings come off the center ring instead of chains? I can't believe it... and I may be wrong... but I THINK I may have the answer!

    I am doing a mini tat by Patti Duff, #55 if you have that book. It starts with a large ring and 11 picots coming off of it. Then you begin with a split ring where you have pulled the large ring shut, after that you do a chain, then a ring which is joined to the first picot coming off the large ring, then commence around the whole thing with chains and rings joined to the large one. You end up with 12 rings counting your first split ring.

    I'm just grasping some of these things, so I may not have been WILDLY successful in my explanation, but long story short, in my MASSIVE tatting experience (HAHAHAHA!), I have found you need to begin with a split ring.

  2. Good Morning Anne! I cannot believe you have sent this early morning missive so soon! I am off to work, but I DO have the book and will check this out! Split rings! I wouldn't have thought that! Sounds right! Thank you! Fox : ))

  3. Ann - Wait a minute.... There are already picots on the outside of the ring...... they get deposited there as you cover the ring.... ??

  4. The mini tat doesn't have a plastic ring, but I think it works the same as if it did. I looked at Jon's tutorial on covering plastic rings and she shows how to leave picots as you cover the ring with a paper clip.

    I hope this is right! If it is, may I say, "The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain"? :)


  5. I'm not sure exactly what you are asking, but two things i could think of might be of some help. I do earrings on the rings in two ways. one is to leave picots as you cover the ring, and then do a split ring to get to the next round. Or you can throw off the rings as you cover the plastic ring as well.

  6. Thanks, Krystle. Jon did the picots and then went back to do the rings. I am just not sure if you lock into the picots or not....

    Ann, The picots in #55 are going the wrong way..... this is what I am asking about. In Jon's, the closure of the ring on top the covered bottom circle is directly over the circle, not the other way!

    Thanks you two for the input! Fox : ))