Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hearken: The Muse Calls...

It cannot be helped. The Knitting Muse has spoken!

It is my granddaughter's 3rd birthday next week, so I began these socks at lunchtime today. I hope they will be finished in a very little while so I can get on with these:

They are to be a gift to a friend of my daughter to whom I promised them month's ago!

And then, on to the planned projects - all of them ....so many of them..... all envisioned in stunning HDT that I have been dreaming about as it sits waiting on its special shelf...... luring me away from EVERYTHING else!

What a potent lure of the shuttle I bear!



  1. Those are such cute socks - you will be making two pairs of tootsies VERY happy! The knitted socks look like they will be so soft! I also really like the thread you chose for the tatting embellishment and the beads are the perfect finishing touch.

  2. Am I on the wrong blog? That looks like knitting!

  3. Wow, your toddler socks look amazing. And your beaded tatting takes my breath away.

    But your project awesomeness is reminding me of my UFO toe-up toddler socks, adult toe-up socks, 4 pairs of boxer shorts waiting for elastic to be sewn in, etc. that I keep picking up and putting down. Augh! The guilt! ;-)

    Is your muse available for loan? Mine seems to be on holiday at the moment. :-D

    Lovely, lovely stuff you are working on!

  4. Thanks for your comments, everyone - BUT, you might need an update - today's post talks about the disappearance of the knitting muse..... That sock has gone bye bye!!! : ))
    Fox the Non-Knitter

  5. Very cute! The sock for the granddaughter (Happy Birthday to her) and the beaded tatted edging for your friend's daughter! Have fun! :)

    Wait a minute...I just read the comment you just wrote above this one...what's this about the sock going bye bye?

  6. Those socks look great. For Jasmine?