Thursday, July 9, 2009


I just mailed in my packet to T.A.T.! I can hardly believe that I completed it! Now I will wring my hands in anticipation of "the final word" on how I fared. Already I am wondering what bedevilment lies in wait in the 3rd and final course.......

Stop it, Fox. I can now really enjoy some tatting for the fun of it! Pick whatever I want from the plethora of books and patterns I have collected over the past ten months! It has been almost one year since I found myself with a shuttle in my hand. WOW, did this year ever fly by!

Oh yes, I almost forgot to report... to reward myself for the Herculean efforts of the past six weeks, (Mom and T.A.T. )I have treated myself to Yarnplayer's fabulous new "Garden Afternoon." The colours are absolutely sensational.

I also received this in the mail right after I returned from the Post Office..... Great timing! (I 'd forgotten I had ordered it...) How lucky am I... : )

So, I started this little cluny piece from Rebecca Jones's 'Complete Book of Tatting'. The yarn that sparkles is from Bev, who traded some thread for shuttles a while back - Thanks Bev!! This one is very pretty!

What fun!



  1. I fell for the new thread from Yarnplayer too!

  2. You finished T.A.T.?! Good for you! My apprentice binder is buried in my sewing room. I guess I should dig it out and focus on that for a while!

  3. Congrats on finishing another T.A.T. course!

  4. Salutations and Congratulations!
    The T.A.T. program sounds demanding. You must be SO happy! I'm sure "the final word" will be positive!

    Your new shuttle and hook look nice. I am a gadget nut - I'm drooling...

  5. Krystle, I'm glad I'm not the only one with the Paypal trigger finger! How can I NOT order that wonderful thread? I KNOW you understand! : )


    Diane, Yes, dig it out! It is so helpful in the furthering of one's abilities..... You do not have to do it quickly - as you already know..... but I do encourage you to just plug along at it, at your own rate.... It is a great learning process Fox : )

    Julia, Thanks for the good faith! And for always asking about 'the course'!! Fox : )

    TattingChic - Thank you!! I am so proud of myself! : )

    Ann, Thank you! Already, I am stressing that I probably failed every lesson! Such a Type A, that I am, I will be nervous about the 'final word' till it arrives in the mail - months from now! I AM so very happy to have completed it.