Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Even in the Rearview.....

It is everywhere.... little tatted bits...... tiny bits of threads, little picots.........variegated and plain.....teeny beads.......

I was used to these cast-offs, and even have accepted my new eccentricity with a certain amount of equanimity, and then I noticed THIS!

This is pasted on the stem of the rear view mirror in my car! I am so used to seeing it there that I do not notice it; then today, I was adjusting the mirror, looked up and saw it. The Remnant. I had pasted it up there months ago

I remember finding this motif in my purse while I was getting my keys and I didn't know whether to throw it away or keep it in the box that I have for discards. I left it in the car and glued it up the next time I used the car.

This all seems so peculiar and fairly shrieks weird, old lady (which I AM!) . Ah well. could be worse; I could be out of thread.....


  1. Ha! I guess there are worse things that people paste on their cars. I don't know what, but I don't really want to entertain it, either, LOL!

    It is a nice motif, nonetheless!

  2. I love it! I agree... it could be worse! Out of thread? The idea sends chills up my spine!

  3. LOL! You got it!

    I just turned in my expired lease car and leased another - had to remove the tatted flower on a wire stem that I'd wound around the rearview mirror after my trip to Palmettos back in 2007! The flowers were the table decorations at the banquet and we were gifted with them.

  4. I love it!! I think we should decorate our lives with tatting and put little bits everywhere we are so if we can't tat at the time, we can atleast see it. That would me me smile!

  5. Wow! You can't get away from tatting even when you put it in the rearview mirror! That's tenacity!

  6. There is nothing wrong with being a weird old lady... LOL!
    I keep all my tatting bits too, I don't know why..but I just can't throw them away.

  7. LOL!!!! You guys are sooo wonderful! Tatting is great on its own, but meeting all of you has enriched the experience beyond belief! Thank you for your fabulous comments. I am still grinning!
    : )) Fox XXOOXX

  8. I love it! And yes, you are a little kooky:)