Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Epitome of Kitch!

Can you believe this! I simply CANNOT believe I would EVER do anything like it! The yogurt container struck me, as it sat there on the table, emptied of its creamy contents, as the perfect receptacle for stray ends, loose threads, errant beads and so forth.

Little kitty is far too interested in snuffling any and all of the above, so I thought I'd wash the plastic and keep the thing on my table for when I tat. Then I noticed one of the many little tatted bits that are EVERYWHERE in my life now, and I spied this one ...... a clever little yellow border, a perfect length. Hmmmm.

YES, thought I. Perfect to adorn the plastic cat-protector. Glue was applied. It sits there in my little apartment, visible at all times. Proudly plastic. Lemony chic.

This is what my life has come to.



  1. Actually you are quite hip - recycling, reclaiming, reusing, reinventing (whichever) that yogurt cup! And the tatting is first rate!


  2. It is indeed disquieting how thread, and the many resulting tatted snippets, take over all surfaces and hide in the strangest places. I commend you on having found a means of corralling them, however kitschy.

    Reasonably sure that I shall not suddenly take up crazy quilting, I have had to resort to round filing many of the 'experiments' and false starts. This whole obsession with making half hitches at all hours of the day and night is quite bad enough without adding the burden of tatted fragments that multiply like tribbles.

  3. Congratulations on your recycling! And having another place to display one of those bits and pieces we make that didn't get used or were an experiment - or whatever. At least if the cat knocks it over it won't break.