Thursday, May 7, 2009

When Tatters Go Bad

I am a minimalist. My mode of dress is understated and slightly conservative. My wardrobe is simple and basic. I am a no-frills, no puffy sleeves, no baubles kinda gal who eschews polka dots or florals in any form. Sequins, beading or lacy inserts are not in my fashion lexicon. Same goes for appliques or bright colours when it comes to my clothes, OR SHOES. So, what, I ask you, are THESE? I could not get out of the shoe store today without sporting these little honeys on my tootsies!

I got through four days in Manhattan without a fashion purchase. I spent no cash. But, today, in my own neighbourhood, while running errands, these beauties beckoned from an unfamiliar shoe store window.

The worst of it is - I think I had to have them because they shriek "TATTING" to me!

Aren't they soooo cute? Hee hee!

Perhaps they reminded me of this piece, just finished, and waiting for this post.
I present:

'Wannabee', because these are just

I am so filled with so many questions about the right way to do some of the tatting techniques that constantly elude me. It would be gratifying to have a flesh and blood person with experience and interest in tatting to address the issues that I find to be so difficult.

Maybe, just maybe, tomorrow, I will have this wish fulfilled! You see, I am meeting with my hair stylist's mother, who happens to be a tatter! Really! A genuine, honest-to-goodness lifelong tatter, taught by her granny! YEAH!

am going to meet with her at her home, with no assumptions or expectations. I am just happy to have found one person, -1- in 4,000,000 -, in my city, with whom I can relax and have a cup of tea and talk about what we both love - TATTING!!!!!

I'll keep you posted.
~Aspiring Adept of TATROMANCY (magical meanderings with rings, chains and picots) ~


  1. I love the shoes! I have a pair of beaded beauties that I bought a couple of years ago... they're so uncomfortable, but I just can't get rid of them!

    I haven't tried clunies yet... another task to add to my list!

  2. Diane - Hi,
    Thanks! These are super comfy!
    I lucked out!

  3. Hi It was great sharing a 'tatting' day with you today.

  4. Ha ha! I read Diane's post! You two are so cute! :)

    Thanks for the sweet comment about the baby booties on my blog today! :)

  5. Hi Donna! I had a great day with you! I am still working on the new technique.

    TattingChic, you are probably just jealous of our oh-so-stylish footwear! xxxx Fox : )