Monday, May 18, 2009

Newest Addition to the LAMP - Black Magic #2

That's it. It will have to do for now. I am thoroughly done with Black Magic. I do not know why this piece caused such grief, but I do know if I don't leave it alone, I will never tat again!

It started out beautifully - even and smooth and no mistakes - then all of a sudden, I was retro-tatting every few stitches and then whole parts of the piece.

Dreadful and unfortunate mood swings ensued.

I was not pleasant company. I ground my teeth at night.

Why does that happen - that stumbling into territory one thought was not unfamiliar anymore? There is such randomness to the occurrence of the shift to the Dark Side.

I really thought this attempt would be easier and more relaxing. I thought I would enjoy the process, as there are no tricky moves like SSSR's, dimpled rings or cluny leaves.
Just simple tatting, I thought.

Well, I was mistaken, but I am glad I persevered through this second attempt. I am pleased with the result, and my tatting has improved. This one is not as floppy; the tension is better, and the stitches are more uniform. It was well worth the effort.

The good news is that I did NOT have to add thread. That would have put me over the top as I do not excel at that particular skill. This is what was left at the end.

Just made it. Wound on an Aero shuttle

I have to say, I love the finished article. Black Magic is a beauty!

Numera Una
on the

~Fox ~~~Aspiring Adept of TATROMANCY (magical meanderings with rings, chains and picots)~~~


  1. I have experienced that during the 'bookmark' phase this year. One would be really troublesome; and, I'd do another (same pattern)~ nothing fancy ~ and it seemed every other stitch was retrotat..or worse adding thread...
    I know some can get in a "zone" and tat people some pieces "not thinking".. Not me, I have to focus, and not be distracted. But sometimes, it just "fident dit" LOL Those days, I begin outlining that counted x-stitch which is finished except for that! X Bev

  2. I hope this one is for YOU, given all the trouble you've taken with it! You know, the wedding hanky edging I made for my daughter-in-law is very similar to this but only one side of the pattern and then a second different row was added. I think it's called Bridesmaids in a Row. Yes, I had to focus on it and would not tat on it unless I was in the mood to give it all my attention. Good for you! Now tat something more relaxing!

  3. It's stunning. Really stunning. Do hope you do another sometime. Adding threads to your work shouldn't be a big problem. Contact me if you want help.

  4. It is beautiful! I cut mine off last night. I'll have to start over. I made a mistake, and when I tried to retro-tat I shredded the thread. I think I'll concentrate on my Spinning Wheel for now. I don't have to think about it as much!

  5. It looks lovely! Yes, that black magic pattern is so confusing at times, isn't it?

    You did a great job.

  6. Very elegant! What a nice addition to the lampshade!!

  7. Your works are wonderful.

  8. I am glad you persevered. It is too pretty a design not to finish it.

  9. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments! I appreciate your visit and the time you took to respond. Your words encourage me so very much.

    Jane, I just may take you up on your offer. I have lots of books etc., but adding threads properly eludes me..... :( Fox