Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lots of Spares - Trade Anyone?

My stash is unmanageable.

The sign of a new interest, hobby, involvement or obsession is always evident in what is in full view in my tiny apartment. There is no mistake that tatting has reserved front-row-centre!

I have too many shuttles. I will never use these Clovers as I have them in duplicate. I do not even remember when I added them to the "shuttle box". The Lacis shuttles are way too big for my small"monkey paws". Unfortunately, l earned this only after I had ordered them. I really liked the colours!

If anyone out there in Tat-land is interested in trading these for something you have too many/much of, or you want to trade for thread, reply to this post and we can trade. I will swap with the first person who offers.

So, who's up for it?
~Fox ~
~Aspiring Adept of TATROMANCY (magical meanderings with rings, chains and picots)


  1. I like the larger clovers myself...I'd be more than pleased to swap threads for the larger clovers and the very dark blue that doesn't have a pic...
    contact me through InTatters...and I'll tell you all the threads you can pick from....hanklegard, Valdini, Opera, get the idea! LOL
    love, Bev

  2. I wish I had your will power! I order more Lacis shuttles every time I buy thread from Handy Hands, and I pick up Clover shuttles whenever I see them. I must have at least four of each. Still, I never seem to have the shuttle I want when I want it!

  3. Hey Diane,
    Before you think I have ANY will power at all, I must confess that as soon as Bev said she wanted the Clovers, I was on -line to Australia (!!!) ordering some red Birch shuttles I have been eying for months!

    I use mainly the grey Aeros, and I thought the red Birch hook shuttles would be good as the second shuttle for colour difference.

    But, I'd promised myself I'd only get them if I "unloaded" a few...... So, I guess that counts as "moderate" will power!!

  4. Glad you found a taker. Enjoy the new thread you get. I could never give up shuttles, LOL! I have a jillion, but, believe it or not...they all get used at one time or another.

  5. TattingChic, You can use the jillion you have because you tat so very FAST! : )) Fox xxooxx

  6. Fox, you are tooooo funny. You can never have enough shuttles. I have a dozen (or more) "every day shuttles" aka clovers. But will you please tell me more about where you got the the red birch shuttle from Austraila?

  7. Whoa! There is no such thing as a 'spare' shuttle, even if you have gone over to the 'bobbin shuttle' side. You never know when you will need a bunch of shuttles (preparing for classes at a workshop, for example; or embarking on a colorful multi-shuttle project), and the big ones are a boon when using beads or larger thread. In short, you will end up replacing them sooner rather than later.

  8. Bonnie and Suzanne,
    Thanks for the posts! You guys are funny!

    I have obviously been trucking down a road less travelled by shuttle owners! But, really, I cannot even hold those big Lacis - have used them once.

    The red shuttles from Australia are found at

    I have shopped here in the past; it is cheaper than USA for me, in Canada. It is a very reliable outfit.

  9. Hi Fox! Just came back over to say: Thank you so much for your very sweet comment on my blog post about the tatted heart with blossoms. This heart was a great learning experience for me. I have written LOTS of notes in the book right by the part of the pattern where I revised. I am honored to be a source of inspiration for your tatting, thank you! It means a lot that you would tell me so! :)

  10. Too many shuttles? Impossible! I think the last time I counted, I had something like 50 clovers (the ones I consider my working/utility shuttles) but can I ever find an empty one when I need it? NO! That's why I keep buying them! Actually, I can usually find one or two but I have to make an effort at emptying them or they all have some kind of thread on them! Glad you found a taker. I couldn't think of any shuttles I would part with.

  11. TattingChic, You are so welcome! I love your blog!

    Gina, Another person with a huge stash of shuttles! You guys are worse than knitters with their overflowing stashes of yarn!!!!! : )) Fox