Thursday, May 14, 2009

HUBRIS: over bearing pride......

The ball thread and the shuttle thread unraveled!

New Black Magic Underway....
~Fox ~
~Aspiring Adept of TATROMANCY (magical meanderings with rings, chains and picots)


  1. How, exactly, did that come about? You don't need to start over, just backtrack a little way and add new.

  2. Oh, no! I started my Black Magic last night... in green! It is NOT a simple pattern to follow. I really have to pay attention. I have a feeling it will be well worth the effort, though!

  3. Hi Suzanne! Glad you are back.

    I cut back and cut back until there was hardly any left anyway, so I started anew.

    Truth be told, I'm not good at attaching thread. I've got all the good books and I have practiced and I still mess it up beyond redemption.

    I need to see this in person, I'm afraid. Who knows when that is going to happen!

    Green sounds great to me! I was considering another colour, but I am determined to do one I like in black. Then, who knows? Maybe chartreuse.....

  4. Fox, (my email to you came back)

    You can follow the links in my post about 3 different places that have free backgrounds. I can't remember if your site is a blogsite or not, but if it is, you highlight and copy the html of the background you want. Then you go to your "layout" page, click on "add a gadget", pick the "html" gadget and when the box comes up, paste in the the html code you copied from the background you chose. Save it and then check how it looks. You might have to change the color of the text, font, etc. If you don't like it, then just edit the gadget box you put the html in (you can title it "background" or whatever to help you find it). Click on edit and then "remove" and it will go back to the one you originally had.

    Well...I see you have a website, not blogspot, so Im not sure how you can use them. LOL!

    BTW, there are a few links on my blog about hiding ends when you add a new thread in, but it also shows how to add that thread, so you might give them a peek and see if they help.
    :-) Gina

  5. Thanks for the reply, Gina! I knew how to add the HTML, but I am afraid I will lose everything if I don't do it right. TattingChic warned me; she had to put her whole page together again when she switched backgrounds!
    I will check your info on adding thread. My methods are abysmal! : )

  6. Thanks, Gina! Glad you approve. I might keep it for a bit as I am getting used to it.
    Fox : )