Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Old Fickle Dog Can Learn

I am surprised that I have ordered three balls of #20 Lizbeth! Who would have seen that coming?

However, after begging some samples from Diane and Frivole, I am happy to report that I quite enjoy the change - enough to actually make the purchase. The delivery costs are almost as much as the thread and that is in Canada, so it's a big deal!

I find that after fine thread, it is very pleasing to see the individual stitches  and half-stitches so very clearly, as with #80 that is just not possible. I am also liking the sturdiness:

How pretty is that? It is a pale blue colour that unfortunately is not showing up on the screen. This will be an egg from the Easter Egg book. I wanted something small to try before I ordered the thread.

Here is the #80 piece,  like the larger ones for the boys. I admit to liking this one much more because the pattern seems to really suit fine thread and beads. Also, the beads are the perfect colour with the lilac thread. I am happy with this.


  1. I always feel like my tatting looks neater with size 20 thread - I like its sturdiness too. Size 80 never looks good for me - it twists too easily before I can correct my stitches. I think size 30 is really my favorite - but my thread collection tends to be mostly the size 20. Obviously, I have more bread than I 'need' ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  2. Your Easter Egg is coming along beautifully!! :)
    Your doily is so delicate and lacy!!! :)

  3. Wow both are impressive to see and you've always had an excellent eye for color too. I think I have the blue color too and it doesn't photo well!

  4. Lovely, lovely! Was that a Valentine's Day rose that Easter-egg-to-be is resting upon? :)

  5. Welcome to the large side! Yes, I think that different projects are suited to different sizes of thread. The size 80 lilac is certainly dainty and beautiful.

  6. There is definitely a difference between 20 and 80! I find tatting with 80 much more relaxing, until I make a mistake. I agree with you, it's much easier to see the stitches in 20, but then it's also much easier to see how imperfect my tatting is! ;-)

    Let me know if you'd like any more samples. I'm happy to share!

  7. Love your way to pick colors, in any size. Thank you again for a new word, now I know how to translate "la donna รจ mobile qual piuma al vento"! Not that really I understood the dog, though...

    1. I LOVE that Italian saying! So descriptive.

      As for "dog," I was playing with the expression: you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

  8. I would have sent you some thread, if you had asked.
    I can't see size 80 so I used 20 nearly all the time, I am glad you are enjoying lizbeth thread, my ears await for some rude words that might come.
    Lovely lilac mat she will be delighted with it.
    Love to Mr G

  9. Your size 20 tatting is looking lovely. Very even and consistent. It's also very striking on top of that red rose...

  10. I may have to get a new prescription for my glasses. I am haing trouble seeing the stitches even with size 20.
    Have stopped any online purchases for a long while because of the postage costs. If it is as much as the cost of the thread to be sent to Canada, I shudder to think what it will be to the other side of the globe.

    Your tatting is always pretty to look at.