Sunday, February 12, 2017

He's Busy..., not at all interested either in my mistake, or in my ensuing language as I hunted for the scissors.

Kitty Live Entertainment 

In the chain, there needs to be 2 picots. I had finished the row which was impossibly tight and then saw the reason. Sigh...always too late.


  1. Is comforting to see a mistake, I thought you could do no wrong. 😄

    1. Whaaaa? I am the Master of Mistakes!😱😱😱😱

  2. Why is it that we discover our mistakes after we've tatted so much? Don't give those scissors too much of a workout!

  3. Bother! The bird knows he's safe on the other side of the window, do you think?

  4. I am assuming that the little bird is on the OUTSIDE??? But he is right in the line of view from the scratching post after all. Is this the new grandchild doily? - pretty colour.

  5. So pleased to see him, bird watching must be exhausting work.
    At least you found your mistake before you tried to put another row on it. We all make mistakes no one is perfect. The perfect person has not been born yet.

  6. Lucy and Theo get VERY excited at seeing birds. They make that funny chattering sound cats do, as if to say "I WANTS a birdie. I NEEDS a birdie. I just want to crunch him a little bit in my mouth..."