Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Shuttle Support

I'm glad I tat. This has saved my sanity for the past 24 hours. I am still glued to CNN.

This Canadian is very sad today. But tatting away, I get to deal with it.


  1. Try living here with it.
    I am sure that doily has grown!! :)

  2. You might be sad, over the pond it's not liked, and many European countries wondering how trade and many other things are going to happen.
    Personally I would not have voted for him, he was so rude about women.
    We will have to see if he makes a good president?

    Lovely shuttle of course it's a Joelle's,

    Love to the bird watcher

  3. Sooooo sad. Hate and bigotry won.

    Doesn't seem right.

  4. Except that now you will never be able to look at your wonderful doily without remembering! - you must have got a lot done, I always seem to knit/crochet/tat much faster when I am preoccupied or stressed.

  5. Fox,

    Can I come live with you now? . . . . . pretty please . . . . . :(

  6. This tatter in the U.S. is very sad today, too, and thinking about taking my shuttles and joining you in Canada. But thanks, Fox. Your post makes me feel just a little better.

  7. Thank you dear Tatters! Well, with our thread and trusty shuttles, we shall weather this storm too! : ) Tat on!