Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Rockin' Renata

Well, the piece for Mini Boss is finished. Done and dusted:

Pretty after all!

From teeny #80 thread to this:

I am finally getting around to tatting the newest big one of Renata's. In #8 Perle. Nice change. This time around I am enjoying the softness of the thread. So far. :)

The above are the first two rows. (Oh, it is going to be BIG!) The beads are a light lilac shade and I like them with the ecru and red. 

The blue I bought does not now please me, though my friend liked it; however, I really do not. So, tomorrow, I am going to exchange it for a darker ecru.

Today I went into the shop to exchange the red for dark blue, but didn't like that at all and came home with no exchange. Then tonight I came up for the idea of darker ecru. I must be REALLY bored!


  1. Tat fast! Mine is size 70 or 80 and it's huge! You're going to have a bedspread! I love the beads! And am excited to see your colors.

  2. Both of these are absolutely lovely! You seem to always outdo yourself! Pats to that elusive Mr. G! :)

  3. Glorious picture of the mat, perfectly matched! How about a dirty green instead of blue? - that would tone very well with your dark red.
    Where do you find your big skeins of perle thread? - I've only seen Finca in small balls. Does your supplier do mail order?

  4. Mini Boss will love, not only for the colours but because you made it.
    I look forward to seeing how you get on with your new project.
    You must be bored you don't normally change your mind about colours.
    Love to Mr G

  5. I love the piece for Mini Boss! Does she get the matching shuttle as well? ;-)

    I'm having a hard time working with 20 after going back to 70/80, but I do have a lot of thread to use up, so I'll take time to work with what I have. I haven't had much luck with perle cotton. It seems too soft to me, and I prefer firmer threads. Still, I know I have some Finca around, so I should probably give it another go!

  6. Gorgeous doily for Mini Boss!!! :)
    Looks like you are off to a fabulous start on the spring doily!!! :)

  7. The piece for Mini Boss turned out well! Love how well the shuttle goes with it! When I saw how big the thread was for the big doily I was surprised. Fox doing large thread?? Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  8. Mini Boss's doily turned out great. The sheen of perle cotton combined with the luster of the beads are going to make a spectacular doily.

  9. I like your round doily very much. Turned out so nice!

  10. The piece for mini boss is lovely, so bright and pretty, she'll be delighted. Good luck with the big one!