Friday, July 1, 2016

I Got Mail!

Well, here it is ready for the penultimate row. But, I will have to use Lea's thread that was not from the same dye lot. If you recall, I had a long wait for the mail and the thread could not be identical to the first shipment. 

The lesson here is to buy more than you require - always! I'm too cheap and then pay more in the end - financially as well as emotionally. There's a good lesson there, new tatters! Take heed.

Though the threads are not a perfect match, I think it will be pretty with the two shades.

April was the postal date! 
From umintsuru in the post yesterday:

Thank you Wendy!

I will not add more rows to the Renukek and may indeed try it again using these threads individually in order to achieve a smaller result.

Can you believe how long that took!


  1. I am so happy you received your package!!
    I think your doily will be ok!! :)

  2. Being able to start a round with this instead of finish one it will end up looking like you meant to do it that way! If you don't tell anyone they would never know :-) Wow! Maybe it traveled by steamship? Row boat? Glad it finally arrived. Such pretty threads and lovely stamps.

  3. Glad you got it eventually! I have to mentally apologise to South Africa's postal system, I always blame them for taking so long to get things to me, but perhaps it's just the nature of the thing.

  4. Very important statement you make! We will take heed and this is especially important when hand died thread too.
    this is totally gorgeous and I started one and did not finish it I didn't like colors and may be reason why :(

  5. So glad the thread got to you, did the postman walk with it? Unbelievable his long it took, but I am glad it arrived.
    Your rectangular mat looks lovely I am sure the slight colour difference won't matter.
    It's a good lesson to all new tatters try to buy enough thread.

  6. I still love it when I get little surprises in the mail. Lovely blue tatting.