Friday, June 26, 2015

The Hapless Cap

Actually, it isn’t THAT unfortunate as it IS finished, though still too large for a one year old. When I finished it I could get it comfortably on my head, so that wouldn’t do for little one year old Hayley.

To remedy this, I ran some very hot water and squished and swished the cap around till I felt it MUST have shrunk somewhat. Happily it did! Now, I think it will be good for a young child.

I thought I was very creative making a form to put the wet piece over to be able to shape it. I used a glass with a bowl turned over on top of it.

Then I had to form each repeat so that it would dry with all the tatting in place as it was meant to be. Took a while to get it sitting properly. And I see here I have missed a few bits!

Every time I look at these photos, it reminds me of a burqa! Strange! Must be the shape of the tatting pattern. There are not many patterns for hats, after all. : )

All in all, I am pleased with this pattern. But be warned: if you tat this use nothing larger than a #20.

I were to tat it again, (for the 4th or 5th time!) which I will not, I would use a #30 for a child or  a very small adult.


  1. Your persistence paid off! The hat looks lovely in purple. I'm glad the hot water worked for you.

  2. It is beautiful, and I was not interested in tatting it at all, till now you made this seem tempting. I love the bowl trick that is very good idea!

  3. Oh well done for getting it finished and blocked and sized for a child!! I admired hats on Jan's website and am glad to see one completed by someone else. I'd love to see it being worn.

  4. It looks beautiful, well done, it's a lovely pattern and will look lovely on any head.
    Love to Mr G

  5. Love this hat - looks perfect! And I really love the color :)

  6. It's beautiful!!! :) You did a great job on it!!! :)

  7. It's a beautiful cap, I love the color! Congratulations on getting it done and fitted. I used the wrong size thread once on baby booties - okay, I made one booty, stuffed it with pretty tissue paper and gave to the new parents anyway. It looked pretty but was itty-bitty.

  8. Replies
    1. Sherry, this is a LaCossette (Etsy) shuttle, but on an Aerlit, not an Aero, custom- made.