Saturday, June 27, 2015


No longer striving for perfection, mastery or excellence might just be the solution for the Ben Frikkert disaster. My operating intention has just shifted and recreated itself as...wait for it.... COMPLETION.

Yes, my new focus, though still painfully informed by my addiction to achieving new personal bests, is now merely just getting through to the end of this intensely irritating pattern! I do think it will be worth the effort - though I might just "quit" again in the days ahead. : )


  1. Haha! Your persistence is phenomenal! I know you will conquer this pattern.

  2. I love seeing the close up of this color and I am confused at this part of the pattern not sure how to attach them together, or maybe it's because I have not got there yet. You are wonderful and win the prize for endurance (not sure who gives them out) even if you stop now, Your better than me!

    1. Oh no, you are not going to get away with that one! You are just as determined and your stitches are so PERFECT!!!

      These little motifs are joined to each of the twelve ovals, at one end. Then you tat 24 of the smaller circle - as you did at the beginning and they go in between these 12, attached with chains... the twisty nightmares...

  3. Queue the Rocky theme . . . "Yo, Fox . . .!"

    I have faith that you will do it! I do love this color and can't wait to see the final masterpiece! :)

  4. I know you will get there, They look lovely flowers and so pretty.
    Keep your pecker up and trust in yourself, you can do it, now repeat it you can do it.
    Love to Mr G,

  5. It will be beautiful, I'm sure. At this point you just need the "attitude of the climber", one step at a time, a rest when you're tired :) with your thought to the summit!

  6. Ah, you move closer to my philosophy - better to finish imperfectly than not at all! It certainly is a complicated pattern, but it'll be stunning when it's done.

  7. Thanks so much, Tatters. Your encouragement gives me such strength to tackle this one.
    Fox : ))

  8. Your little flowers are so sweet!! And the larger motifs are awesome!!! :) Wonderful color choice!!! :)