Monday, June 15, 2015


Currently I am adding the third last motif. The thread is really bad and slows me down considerably with all the splitting and knotting. So disappointing. I certainly have thread woes, don’t I!

The cap is more the right size. It is working up quickly and the #20 was the right choice. 

I am pleased with it so far, though the baby will probably not be wearing it for about a year, I think!


A few weeks ago I got a letter from my pal Suneeti. She wrote to tell me she had completed her project and I thought it was the lace collar. So I wrote back to her to say how beautiful it was:

It wasn’t till later that day, when I went back to look again and admire her tatting that I saw it: the turquoise beads!

I burst out laughing and realized what I had done. This was MY tatting, sent to her as a gift earlier in the year. She had found an appropriate sweater to sew it to and in the photo her daughter models it to display the collar, now months later, attached.

My face must have been quite a study when the lights finally flickered on!

Thanks, Suneeti, for the lovely photos; the sweater was a most perfect choice. The entertainment provided was also very appreciated. : ))


  1. Your doily looks really beautiful, we can't see that thread being bad, I'm sure that's real disappointment I think that the twisting chain thing really puts stress on any kind of thread, but to have it bad to start is with is very sad. That collar surprise is well needed to uplift your spirit the sweater is perfect for it, now it will be worn to show off your work :) The purple on the cap is beautiful and refreshing to see and nice that is it working out well.

  2. I love your doily and you sure make it look like there have been no woes!!! :)
    Your cap is looking fabulous too!! :)
    And wow what a perfect match your collar and that sweater!!! :)

  3. What a super way to show off your tatting! Funny that you didn't recognise your own work.

  4. That's a wonderful way to display tatting! Funny that you had to see the beads to recognize the tatting!

  5. Wow ! Amazing beautiful lace ; and perfectly displayed :-)

  6. Lovely doily, it's a pity the thread doesn't collaborate... I remember your collar, and some about it was too large, now it seems born to be there, perfect. What a generous person, who gives and forgets.