Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Much Better

A big improvement. After cutting off three of the ovals and re-reading the pattern, I am now one third done with the joining plum chain.

There are so many mistakes in this, and also this is the unblocked version; nevertheless the piece is pretty and lacey. Unless one is really looking for missing picots, missed joins, bad thread and on and on, the faults are not even noticeable - except perhaps to the obsessed or a tatter with very good vision. Unfortunately, I have both traits! 

Ah, well. As with a three-legged cat or dog, or a tuneless canary, I have come to be inordinately fond of my very flawed masterpiece.


  1. I think it looks awesome and so delicate!!! :)

  2. Oh this is beautiful and I think perfect I really love your colors and may try them if I ever do this one again! We are not machines and imperfections we make, makes it home made. (Except for the bad thread they could do better, because they use machine for that :) I do, after connecting each oval pin it and spritz (just the oval I finish only) with water cause I can't find the picots that I made and struggle holding the chains correctly for connections. Anywho you heard all this before and I got to stop typing so much :) I am so happy and you will be flying through this cause you got all your ovals done :)

    1. Thanks, Carollyn! I also struggle holding the chains correctly when joining. It is a real mental challenge! Arms and threads fly around everywhere as I try to get the correct pose. : ))

  3. Just wondering... In one previous post I noted that you start the chain around the oval from the inner ring. If you start from the outer, could you have had the oval alone in your hand for half of the round?

  4. Looking lovely no I am not going to look for your mistakes, it looks beautiful in the colours you have chosen. What makes it home made, the mistakes that makes it unquie to you, no one else will have the same mistakes than you so it's unquie to you.
    Well done on getting this far. Keep up the good work.

  5. As you should be! - it is your own, warts and all, and is going to be beautiful.

  6. The colors you are using are just stunning - no one will notice a few flaws. I know what you mean though - we are such harsh critics of our own work!

  7. Thanks, Tatters!

    Ninetta, yes, I suppose that would work, but it would confuse me to do it that way. : )

  8. You would have to be blind not to be "fond" of this gorgeous work-in-progress. The colors are lovely and whatever flaws, you can rest assured that they won't be noticed by anyone else. Wiping away drool now...