Saturday, October 5, 2013

Iris Is Such A Tease!

Iris Niebach has wonderful patterns and I am amazed at how easy they appear ... until I pick up my shuttles! So, here is one I am attempting - three times already -  from here:

I am working on it when I take a break from ... TA-DA!

I am so excited about this. It is sturdy and feels great to touch. I am enjoying it immensely and will do all the rows.  It was impossible for me to save it till the end to show my progress, but I am so pleased I wanted to show anyone who is following the trials and tribulations of those of us who are tatting the Mystery Doily. : )  Thanks to Georgia Seitz for starting this fascination years ago! 

Like Jon, who brought this to my attention, I am finding a bit of ruffling in the third row, and like Jon, I am hopeful that it will sort itself out.

Now... mail for Stephanie. We were involved in an exchange and I was baffled when a rather large package arrived. When I opened it, the size mystery was instantly solved when I saw the trat enclosed for Mr. G!

I didn’t even glance at the tatting things... not a look till after playtime.
You can see why:

Gian was so excited with this toy, he immediately removed one of its eyes! We have been having fun with it for days!

The talented Nanetta has started a blog, here! This is exciting news. You can look at her tatting on Flickr, here.

I can’t wait to see what treats are in store for Tat-Land, now that Ms. Caruso has started a blog! : ))
Check it out.


  1. Oh my goodness, Gian, you are so lucky! I haven't gotten a new toy in HOURS! Maybe She'll get the hint and go buy me something.

    And She thinks your servant's mystery doily looks terrific, although I think your servant ought to be giving all that delightful thread to you!

  2. that looks like an interesting toy. It will keep Mr G busy while you tat.
    Congrats on the doily, you are going strong.
    Iris' patterns are pretty, they can also be rather intricate to do. I can remember being very frustrated the first couple times I tried one of hers. Good luck with it.

  3. I love that book of Iris's. I does require some concentration!! I don't know how many time I had to restart them. Once you get it down, they go rather quickly. Love you Mystery doily!!

  4. Iris's patterns are worth the effort & time figuring them out - then they go wonderful. The Mystery Doily is one that I hope to start this winter, even if only part of the rounds. It intrigues me. Yours looks great. Karen in OR

  5. Thanks for the link to Nanetta's blog, I love her tatting. You're making good progress on the Mystery doily. I've admired Iris's work, but the patterns seem to boggle my mind.

  6. Hi Fox

    I was given that lovely book from Wendy, I have not had time to start any patterns, trouble is they are all lovely which one do I do first. Looking forward to seeing how you get on.
    The mystery doily looks wonderful, keep up the good work.
    I am going over to check out the new blog........ I wonder what surprises she has for us.
    Wow Gian great toy looks like he's going to enjoy it for sometime to come.

  7. What a fun cat gift! So you can tat more! the doily is beautiful and you too became ensnared in the spider web, of the mystery doily! :)

  8. What a nice little treat for Mr. G! He looks like he is impressed and loving it! It was good to see him again! Now . . . WOW, WOW, WOW! That doily is absolutely stunning! Love it! Now I have to run to check out the new blog!

  9. Your mystery doily is fantastic, Fox; I hope that the girl who made the original can see you from Heaven.

  10. Your mystery doily is looking so amazing that I will have to try it some time!!! :) Thanks for being such an inspiration!!! :)