Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Flat is Fantastic

In this case it is indeed!

Mademoiselle Doily is not buckling or cupping, both of which would be annoying or even disastrous. So far, all is good on Row 4. Funnily enough, I am still really enjoying this one!

Perfect Quilter is the best for Iris. This is the only thread that will 
allow me to tat this design without twisting and curling like crazy!
(Sulky was not bad, but this is even better.)



  1. Wow, your mystery doily is looking great! Glad you've had no problems with rippling.

  2. Your Mystery Doily is looking great! It almost inspires me to give it a try--almost. The Perfect Quilter knotted into Milena makes me want to get out my Iris Niebach Tatted Doilies book. I hope the change in thread allows you to get through without twisting, because it's such a pretty little thing.

  3. Hi Fox
    Your mystery doily is looking brilliant, so pleased it's not ruffling and is laying flat.
    Your Iris doily is looking very pretty I am looking forward to seeing it as you get further on with it.
    Love to Gian

  4. Wow you a fancy pants! they look great and you should be proud. that's a lot of work, enter that in a fair next year!

    1. Thanks....hmmmm.....I did have that thought! Shhhh. : ))

  5. Wow! I'm so impressed with your work on the Mystery Doily - it's looking just GREAT! You're a good way along round 4 already and I'm only just finishing round 3. You're motoring on!

  6. I really like how your Mystery Doily is turning out. and I do like the Iris doily too. Congrats on getting things straightened out and knowing that you had to walk away from it for a bit.

  7. That's so pretty! It has a frothy look to it, like hundreds of little bubbles.

    I'm still glad it's you and not me tatting it though! :)

  8. Your doily is looking amazing!!! :)
    Great looking start!! :)

  9. I am so pleased that you are battling on with Milena. I have told myself that I cannot start anything more until I finish something...I am reading three books and have three doilies and an edging awaiting completion. I am longing to start Delia, and the Trefles doily of Diane, but NO! Slow progress makes for slow blogging, though.

  10. You are doing such a beautiful job with Mystery Doily! I'm glad you have a friend in PQ... tiny tatting is so much fun!