Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Perfect Quilter Panache

Isn’t this fun? And so tiny! About an inch...

Almost finished the re-tat of Linda Davies “Star Attraction.” But I have become so 
enamoured with this thread that I have taken tatting breaks to play with it.
There will be some small thread tatting in my future, I think...
Get out the magnifiers... : ))


  1. Love the star and the color of thread. I was inspired by your last post and went out and bought some Perfect Quilter thread. What size is the thread? About an 80?

  2. Hi, MB!
    Me too! This thread is being discontinued so there are some good sales out there... It seems to me to be somewhat plumper than the #80 DMC. You can’t really un-tat it much though as it can shred more easily than the DMC.
    I wonder what colours you ordered?? : ))

  3. Hi Fox

    Beautiful flower, love the colour of the thread. Really beautiful piece of tatting.
    Love to Gian, I will be thinking if him on Friday

  4. I am trying so hard to be good, and you keep tempting me! I love the color of this thread. I may have to cave.

  5. Such pretty colours in that thread! Love the star.

  6. Yea next time put a pencil next to it. Its beautiful.

  7. So tiny and perfect! I love the color and the beads. :)

  8. You do it justice Fox! Stitches are so perfect...
    Discontinued?? What a shame! Fought so hard to get my small stash of it I will have to stop sharing it now!!!

    There are two colors I love in this thread. The Pacific that you have been trying and one that is autumn (fall) colors. I did the Rose Rodgers pattern in that one. Have Lucky Clover from Persson and Blomqvist started in Pacific but that was a long time ago - might have to redo it!!

    Glad you like it and that there was enough to play with!! xx