Monday, August 19, 2013

Living Up To My Lineage

Taurus - The Bull.  Stubborn and inflexible as well as very opinionated, this sign of the zodiac is, on a more positive note, a loyal friend and one who just does not give up!

I am making some progress on the Trellis Doily. Though the tension suffers at the beginning of this 1056th try, I am continuing as I cannot bear the thought of starting yet again! I will make this work. Not sure how many rows I shall do; it was just really important to me to get this first round completed.

For anyone attempting this, I am finding it far easier to dispense with the paperclip, preferring to use only a small picot. where indicated. The paper clip kept falling out and then suddenly disappeared after a  very long-arm throw of some velocity...

Before I realized I would continue, thinking I was dome with it, I picked up some Berry Burst(Tatskool HDT from Suneeti) and started to try out a Karey Solomon pattern.

It was very difficult to get the first rings done in this #80 thread - a lot of ds in these rings. Then I saw that the pattern in the third round was NOT going to work. Sorry Karey, but this pattern makes not a lot of sense to me! So I put it aside and began to doodle, avoiding the Trellis-In-A-Drawer.

I also figured that it was good to be practicing tatting on the tiny thread as I am eagerly awaiting my order of Perfect Quilter. Gotta say, I do like the fine threads better than Lizbeth... at the moment, anyway.

I notice how nonchalantly I tell you that there are a split rings, thrown rings AND a split chain in this little number! Wow! Never thought I’d be saying that, let alone doing it.

After this I tatted a small  motif from Frivole’s Viola pattern, and then a vintage-looking bit, which sent me racing back to the Vintage piece where I am having more success, at last!

See, Sally, how beautiful this thread is in this pattern? Love it. Cebelia #30.

Speaking of patterns, 
I have posted my new pattern 
in my Etsy shop.

Pine Plains Picot


Thank you to the Test-Tatters,
Kelly, Amanda, Phyllis and Mary 
who did a fantastic job of getting
the pattern fit to be published. 

Tatted by Amanda

Tatted by Mary

Tatted by Phyllis
Thank you very much!


  1. Your trellis is looking wonderful!! :)
    Pretty motif!! :)
    Great little pieces of patterns!! :)
    Love all the beautiful test tats of your pattern!! :)

    1. Thanks, Sue, your comment gives me hope! ; ))

  2. looks like you got it with the Victorian trellis, and I can see where the paperclip would drive me nuts too. and I have done the little blue one shuttle, on my baby bonnets a little ribbon fits nicely in between the little strings. love your patterns so cute.

  3. My gosh, I think you get so much tatting done while thinking about it! I am happy to have a start on the trellis, much less any motifs ;) I like the small picot idea instead of the paper lip - and nearly lost my wine through the nostrils when I pictured the clip-toss. Such inspiration!

    Your pattern is lovely!

  4. Love your Pine Plains Picot. My goodness you must tat like lightening!

  5. Well done, you've got it!! The other rounds are much, much easier, just straight forward chains, once you've done that round you've cracked it.

  6. Hi Fox

    Gosh you got a lot if tatting done since your last post. Your trellis work looks good and if it looks slightly uneven it will not when you add the next row, you maybe surprised that's it's not as uneven as you think.
    Your motif looks lovely
    Your new pattern looks interesting and the test tatters did a great job.
    Love to Gian

  7. My goodness, you have been busy. I'm sure your persistence will pay off. I'm trying to be good and finish up the ball of thread I'm using before digging into my new Perfect Quilter stash. So little time... so much to try!

  8. And you have quite a stash of Perfect Quilter to try out! I am curious to see all those colour-ways. It is sometimes impossible to tell from the spool what they will look like tatted up.
    Fox : )

  9. !!! you have patterns out? Right on! I've been out of the blog loop for far too long I guess....