Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Interminable Trellis Tatting

And so it grows, bit by twisty little bit. The first row is a little over half complete.

It is far from perfect, but I do not love the pattern enough to begin all over so I just keep on tatting on...


  1. More than I've done it does look a little confusing to me to do. I haven't tried that yet and have seen two different direction for the twisty stuff! I let you know when I do.

  2. I think it looks good - and i love the color. I've started over once again. Gggrrrrr. I do love the pattern . . . for now . . .

  3. Looking awesome! Note the shuttle that matches the thread.

  4. Hi Fox

    I thinks it's a very nice piece of tatting and it's not that uneven. Lovely colour, nice to see the shuttle matches the thread.
    Love to Gian.

  5. I just was trying this, and figured something out, my pattern I have calls for you to skip the ring and false ring till you come back around that way the trellis does a cross over on the way back, they don't connect as you go as you have done here. This may be why you are not totally happy with this. But your pattern may have you do this. Double check.