Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Consideration of Cats

I hope she likes her new t-shirt. She has this top already, but it was the best one I could find on which to sew a pink motif. (She is not fond of white.)  Looks very different decorated, anyway.

The tatted motif is not the one I intended to use, but because of the gathering at the neck, the only one that will  hang correctly when worn.

Duplicated the Middia motif and I like it very much without the beads as well. It is a very enjoyable pattern. Thanks to Middia and Frivole!

You will surely suffer boredom with a
constant updating of the border progress, 
but I just have to  show you!

"I do like Valdani," she admitted sheepishly... : ))


  1. I don't think pink is the right colour for Mr. G!!! I'm sure the Boss will love it!
    Take care

  2. That shirt is beautiful with the tatted decorations!! :)
    Love the motifs!! :)
    Your edging looks wonderful!! :)

  3. Hi Fox

    I like your tea shirt design for the boss, of course Gian had to inspect it, he wanted it to be perfect for her, he of course knows all about tatting.
    Lovely motifs they are both lovely,
    Hanky edging looks lovely and looks perfect for the hanky.
    Love to tatting Gian

  4. That is a very elegant top for a young lady. I like your Middia, but think I like it with the beads better.
    I will never be bored with your posts. You have such a way with words and always pretty pictures of your very pretty tatting.

  5. The motifs you sewed on the shirt are very nice and I especially like the one you sewed on the front. Those flowers and petals have been on my list of things I would like to try for a while now. I see that you have what I consider "proper parquet" on your floors - sure brings back a lot of memories:)

    1. Glad you approved of my choice, Mica! ; ))

      The leaves with the flowers are very challenging! You should gove them a whirl Maybe even as challenging as puncetto!

      The parquet? I had no choice! Ir’s a rental!
      Fox : )

  6. Wow are you a busy tatter. Everything is so pretty.

    1. Thans, Connie! This border is driving me round the bend, but the hankie deserves it. : )

  7. I remember that Tischband tat-along! what perfect positioning on the little pink top!
    Now that you have learned to love Valdani, Ginny Weathers would tell you to move onto Oliver Twist next - the woman is a dynamo, tatted at the speed of light, all in that tiny, tiny thread when she stayed with me. Wow, that's almost a year ago - the time has flown.

  8. Funny you should say that Maureen. I have been checking out that thread, which has always intrigued me, since Diane

    1. .... Diane ordered a wack go it last year. The colours are sensational. But it is very costly.

      Oh dear. I can hear justifications brewing!
      Fox : ))

    2. Fox......I always buy myself a small gift to celebrate each of my children's and grandchildren's birthdays. We are all women without whom...etc etc - and it sounds to me as though you are in need of a good reason to buy more thread!

  9. Love the shirt and the new motif. So glad you have got over your Valdani Aversion.... but Oliver Twist? That sounds a little bit too intriguing!!

    How do you get time though Fox?? XX