Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy 146th, Canada!

pattern by  Sumi Fujishigi,
from this book:

Then some practicing block tatting...
while patiently waiting for Valdani,
enjoying Canada’s  Birthday.

I am indeed fortunate to 
live in such a wonderful country.


  1. And my son got there just in time to experience all the excitement! -but I keep forgetting that it is still yesterday there, it's so hard to remember that when I speak to him!
    Happy Canada Day to you - and I think I will now go and hunt out all those Maple Leaf patterns.

  2. Your top piece is so beautiful!!! :)
    And your block tatting looks very nice!!! :)

  3. Happy Canada Day!! Your block tatting looks terrific.

  4. Happy Canada Day! do you shoot off fireworks and have picnics and generally take the day off like we do for our 4th of July celebration?
    I like your finished mat with the ruffly looking outer round.

  5. You're right, as usual, Fox, my Dear. Canada is a great place to call home.
    And your tatting is also truly something to be proud of....Happy Canada Day!!

  6. Happy Canada Day to you!.... and to me! :-) I miss it.

  7. Happy Canada Day!
    Another pretty doily. Your block tatting looks perfect. Is it also in that same book?

    1. Thanks, JB. I forget where I got the block tatting pattern. There are a few like this one around.
      Fox : )

  8. Happy Canada Day!
    Your tatting looks wonderful. That top doily is so colorful!