Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bullish Benefits

Looks as if I have overcome some difficulties...

I am  now in love with the colour of this thread. (See how fickle I am!)

Though it is not shiny when tatted, in the right light it is golden and glistens in parts as I tat. Feels like alchemy at work. ; ))

I am actually contemplating an order of a certain red/burgundy variegate that I can envision alongside this colour. It never stops -  the planning and plotting!

Here is what I have done compared to the first run. You can really see the progress and the occasional pay-off for a lifetime of living with my wretched stubborn streak. Today the glass must be half-full!

When I took a break on the border I was keen to try a Middia pattern that Frivole posted about. To me the pattern begged for beads.

My spatial comprehension is nil, so I had a bit of a time figuring out the pattern but in the end am pleased with how it looks.  I also thought I might like to try it using a two colour lock-join braid for the chains.

I am also wondering if I should go for another 5 motifs to increase the size of this as I really like the pattern. This is what it looked like after I blocked it a bit as I realized the previous photo of it looked rather lopsided.


  1. I really like your 2nd attempt at the crown edging. It is going to look marvelous. The Middia motif looks very good with beads, they make
    the open spaces look finished. I like your square mat. Adding to the size can have some interesting results.

  2. Hooray! You give me hope that I might conquer the intertwined hearts if I just persist. Love the beads added to the Middia motif, they make it look more flowery.

  3. Hi Fox

    Your crown edging no 2 looks very good, I used the crown on its own to make the earrings which I was pleased about, (on blog) I will be trying the edging for a hanky
    Your motif with the beads looks beautiful I do like the way you use the beads, and the square motif looks very good.
    Love to Gian

  4. Your ability to keep on going, aka your stubborn streak, is proving to be very beneficial! I love seeing all that you're accomplishing, but it makes me feel like I'm being very lazy sticking with my beloved Spinning Wheel! ;-)

  5. The new edging looks great! I like the color, too. :)

  6. Your edging is beautiful!! :)
    Great motifs!! :)
    Lovely mat!! :)

  7. The Middia motif looks fab with the beads! And I really like your white squares too.

  8. Thank you, Tatters, for all the great comments!
    Fox : ))

  9. The thread really does look lovely and I love shades of brown! I have never tried Valdani but would like to pick some up if I ever come across it. As for small mistakes - you would never be able to tell based on what I post on my blog, but I am also a perfectionist. Since I enjoy the process of making lace, I have been able to let some mistakes slide as hard as it may be. Fine thread in particular hides a lot. What I have found is that after a few years, unless I go back to look at my notes, I forget about the mistakes and I no longer see them. Of course once I remember them, they are glaringly obvious, but I figure that sooner or later I will forget again...Sometimes I let bigger things slide particularly if I no longer like the pattern, but that's different. I also feel free (usually) to give in to my perfectionist tendencies when making a gift.

    The small pattern you posted is beautiful and the beads do add a nice touch:)

  10. This little flowery motif is really pretty with beads. I like your colour selection!