Monday, January 16, 2012

Tweaking The Tension

#52-100 Motif Challenge

Love this pattern by Julie Patterson! Isn't it pretty?
Love the HDT (about #80) from Jess.
This was a good break before finishing the third dragon - correctly!

Now the three are ready to hit The Big Apple later this week. 

Got a bit carried away with the glue; these dragons are stiff as a board.

I think I am done with the stiffening, which I shall only apply if it is absolutely necessary, as I don't like the way the tatting feels with glue added.  

The solution to the need for stiffer pieces, for me, lies in attention to tension. I notice I am ever so slowly tightening the work with more consistent stitching. Bit by little bit.

My first tatted pieces, which I have kept to see tension progress, are really floppy.  After three years, there is definitely a discernible difference.  Quick, I am not!


  1. Oh, I miss Jules and her wonderful designs. I hope she comes back to tat land soon. LOVE the colours you've used in EVERYTHING. The dragons zing, zing, zing.

  2. The dragons look great!!!! Hope you have a good trip to NY!

  3. Two patterns that have given you headaches in the past, and now you've conquered them both! I love the colors you used on the star.

  4. the kidlets will love their dragons. have a fun time on your trip.

  5. Ooh! I love the colours of that last blue-green one (I know it's the same colours as in the other, but I like the arrangement), just my cup of tea! I hope they'll be properly appreciated in their new home.

  6. Ohh - loverly comments! Thank you! : )

  7. Your piece in Jess's HDT looks very pretty. Have a good time in NYC with your littlies. Hope the weather is favorable.
    Be safe,

  8. Lovely =) just in time for the Lunar New Year to welcome the year of the dragon =)

  9. Wonderful tatting. These patterns are beautiful and in such pretty colours.

  10. Your motif is so very sweet! And the dragons are outstanding! :)