Friday, January 20, 2012

Hearts, Minds and a Certain Ring

Definitely hearts in my mind!

I remembered I designed a heart in honour of Misha last year, and now that I have been tatting the TIAS  pattern - thanks to Margaret - I have had an epiphany!

I think I can actually re-create this pattern:

Here is my Misha pattern:

Here is my TIAS tatting to date:

I would like to fiddle with the pattern and incorporate that middle circle into the Misha pattern and remove the finding... I think it will work!

Then I have to figure a way to get the blasted diagram done!  I do NOT find EasyDraw very easy!


TIAS - tat it and see -  is a wonderful opportunity to learn new tatting techniques in a fun way following Jane's ingenious programme.  I highly recommend looking into it if you have not done so.  Took me three years, but I finally am participating.  Thank you, Jane!

I will be in New York Monday, and not posting,
so an early and hearty
to all those celebrating Chinese New Year!


  1. I like the heart with the finding and looking forward to seeing the 'new' heart. Have fun on Monday! Safe travels.

  2. Love your Misha heart and think it will look good with the SCMR in the center. Could be a little tricky adding the beads but I think there's a way. Love to see it when you do it. Will be watching.
    Have fun in NY

  3. Your heart is so pretty!!! Glad you are joining in on the T.I.A.S. it's so much fun!!!!

  4. Sweet, sweet heart pattern, and a lovely remembrance of Misha! Thanks for reminding us about it!

    Have a great trip!!

  5. Beautiful heart; true blue. Have a Happy New Year of the Dragon in NYC!

  6. A lovely blue coloured heart, very pretty.

  7. I like the Misha heart with the finding! I'm going to wait patiently for your pattern! LOL

    Gong Xi Fa Cai, Fox!

  8. Has it really been a year? My, time goes so fast!

    Lovely heart, I think I'm going to go back to find that one to give it a try too!

  9. Oh, I loved this heart, but would never have made it because of the finding. I think putting an SCMR in there is a great idea!

  10. Love the heart!

    Have you tried InkScape? It's an open source free program. I've never tried EasyDraw, so I don't know how different the programs will be..

  11. Ooh, I really like that Misha heart. I look forward to the pattern and would love to try this. The finding in the middle adds a nice touch, too.

  12. I've had EazyDraw for over a year and I've found it difficult to master. Thanks to the new TattingDesigners yahoo group and Tuesday evening class, I discovered that Inkscape is available for my Mac for free! The class/yahoo group provides some tutorials on the basics. I accomplished more in an hour with Inkscape than I accomplished in a year with EazyDraw. I look forward to seeing your pattern. The design is lovely.