Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gearing Up

#48-100 Motif Challenge

Just a bit of practicing before I tackle the dragons, without beads, focussing on my technique -  a New Year's Resolution! I caved at the end and added the crystal just in time - actually one ring too late on the little motif, designed by Jennifer Williams.

#49-100 Motif Challenge

Just noticed that the bottom rings look way too big.  
So much for my focus...


  1. LOL! I thought you were done with dragons. I really like the 2nd motif.

  2. cute, it wouldn't be Fox's tatting without beads.
    I do like the 2nd motif as well. Iris's patterns are always fun.

  3. Hi Fox,

    Totally gorgeous, Beautifully tatted.
    Love your new look,
    Love to Gian.

  4. Blue and pink with blue beads... heavenly! The green motif looks great!

  5. sweet colours for the first motif! i like both.

  6. I like your little motif, and I look forward to more dragons!

  7. Hey! I’ve felt so cut off since moving. So far have had four operations on my forearm and haven’t been able to tat. I’m thinking of jumping back in with something simple before I forget how to tat altogether! Think of you so often, so just dropping by to check up on you. LOL
    love, ridgewoman

  8. Well, hello, BJ!!! Great to hear from you! I'm off to email you toute suite! ❤