Sunday, January 1, 2012

Frivole For the First

... of January, that is. This is Frivole's new Criss-Cross pattern:

#43-100 motif Challenge
Thread is vintage Coates #30, from Kelly at Tatfully Yours.

You would never know that I used a picot gauge to tat this, but honestly, I did - in spite of the fact that I think I do worse in the measuring department when I hold the thing; I am a very clumsy tatter. Those picots are all different lengths!  I don't know what else I can do about that, except perhaps to try it without the gauge...


Here is another snowflake from the DMC Festival Tatting book, finishing off the Coates #30 and using some of Yarnplayer's gorgous Lola - #40, sent to me from Suneeti.

It is interesting to note how variegated thread works so well in this small motif, but was so totally wrong for this one, even though the pattern by Frivole is brilliant. In this case, only plain thread would have been appropriate - dit moi!

I did give the aforementioned motif to a friend over the holidays, after adding a little silver chain for hanging purposes.  She loved it and so did her husband.  They don't know a thing about variegated versus non- variegated threads, but they do know about Swarovski crystals! 


  1. You've been very busy! The snowflake is beautiful, and the motif is adorable!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Try again with the picot gauge. Once you get it, it's worth it.

    Have you made any of Martha Ess's patterns using broomstick lace-type tatting? Great practice.

  3. Ha! I'm working on it now. I did use a picot gauge (first time in my life) and it doesn't look as nice as yours-which is lovely, I think.

  4. Both are lovely. The cross-cross picot is so pretty.