Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back At It

Karey Solomon's HDT
Now that I have created a new blog - foxtangles - I no longer have to post about this crazy obsession with TangleWorld, here on tat-ology!

So, I tatted last evening... Guesses?

Isn't it pretty? And I don't mean the Blue Pimpernel shuttle, though it is one of my favourite shuttle-covering designs.

Ah, yes, in the mail yesterday, a gift from a giveaway:

Jess at Tat-ilicious is offering HDT's in her shop on Etsy and I have to say this is lovely thread!  Thank you Jess.  I have tatted with this before in a sample she sent me here, and really enjoyed the colours.

I have plans for this new batch, which happily is #40!


  1. What, no Scarlett Pimpernel? (The old movie starring Leslie Howard is splendid. "Sink me!")

    1. Crazy Mom - Ahaa! Another Oldie heard from! I thought Leslie Howard was a dreamboat when I was very young.
      Fox : )

  2. Hi Fox,

    Gorgeous motif, gorgeous thread.

    What a lovely surprise I cant wait to see what you do with it.

    Love to Gian


  3. Drooling over that thread! Hmmm, wondering what you're making now.

  4. Aww, Thanks for the "plug", Fox! My shop stats were like 50 times higher today than yesterday, AND most of the traffic came from your site. Oh, and I only got one view yesterday lol
    I'm glad you liked the giveaway threads and hope you enjoy the others as well. I know you'll make something beautiful with them and the others and that makes me happy.

    I don't know the pattern, but it looks like it's going to be a very lovely star or snowflake. Also, love the shuttle. I have recently gotten a couple of shuttles with hooks on them. I haven't really gotten used to them yet though.

    That's kind of funny that you've lost interest in the tangles. :o)
    Que Sera, Sera.

    Is there any other way to spell spare? If there is I don't know of it.

  5. Thanks, Jess! I realize that my post was misleading - I am absolutely smitten with zentangles and have a blog now to keep it separate from this one. I fixed it up on the post. Glad you commented.
    Fox : )