Sunday, December 25, 2011

Prior to 2012 - Prissy

This frothy, little number almost ended up in the trash, as I could not figure out the instructions, but could not bear to toss away what little I had tatted. I had wanted to tackle it all through the year, and so finally got down to it.

There may very well be a few mistakes in the instructions, so I tatted this the way that worked for me, after many tries at the directions as they are written.

Once again, my bullish nature ran roughshod over frustration, and you see the result.  I am glad I am stubborn; sometimes there is an unexpected beautiful result that originated with ferociously obsessive wilfulness!

There are actually three different beads in the piece, but you can barely see the small, clear, slightly violet-tinged ones that link the rings that join the onion rings. There are JK's instead of rings at the top and I used #30 Cébélia thread.

Really, I am not one for these frilly-for-the bride sort of designs, but it is good for me to tat one from time to time for practice and a good challenge.

Now for a good yoke - 

of them in fact!  Have you ever had THIS happen to you!  I was amazed when I cracked my dinner into the pan!


  1. 2 double-yolkers! Now that's a real bonus!

    When I was a kid we had a white leghorn hen, and she lived to be 12 years old. Even at that age she still laid one egg per week, and it always had 2 yolks in it. We used to lift her up onto her roost because she was too old to fly up there by herself. I always think of "Chicky Chick" when I see a double-yolked egg. :)

  2. I recently bought that book off of Ebay. What do you recommend as pattern changes? I won't be tackling that pattern any time soon - I'm a beginner & haven't yet attempted onion rings.

  3. Jane, That is too funny! I now have a lovely image of Chicky-Chick!

    A friend of mine was owned by Clara the chicken - who was a regular on The Uncle Bobby Show. Clara had escaped from the chicken packers and ended up in my friend's backyard in downtown Toronto.

    She enjoyed her television appearances very much. Coming home from a gig in the taxi one afternoon, she squawked loudly and suddenly expired at about eight years of age.

    I used to get her eggs for my birthday every year, all wrapped up in a red checkered cloth. What a great chicken she was!

    Tara, just watch the instructions to turn. Sometimes I did not as it did not make sense.

    Fox : )

  4. We had thousands of chickens on the farm where I grew up in MT. In grading the eggs to sell we needed to pull out the double yoke eggs. They went into our kitchen.

    Nice motif. That book was among the first few tatting books I owned but have not made that one. Karen in OR

  5. well lucky lucky you. according to my late mother in law, double yoke eggs were good luck.

    your motif is very pretty. I too occasionally do not follow directions for turning when they don't make sense, and look how pretty it turned out.

  6. that motif's frothy but lovely. well done, fox, for not tossing that into the bin and having finished it.

    hope you are having a good christmas and preparing for a fantastic 2012!

  7. I love this motif. With beads it is very pretty!

  8. Hi Fox,

    Your motif looks lovely well done on getting the pattern done.
    Your eggs look yummy, unfortunately I cant eat fried eggs. I hope you enjoyed them.
    Love to Gian, I hope the spider tasted nice.

  9. Thank you for the great comments!

    Ladytats - I am so glad you told me that, as I was a bit worried. There are conflicting beliefs on the yolk score. I choose to go with the one from your family! : ))

  10. The motif turned out lovely, so glad you stuck to it. I've had that book for years but haven't actually made that many motifs from it. When I got it the patterns were intimidating and now that they wouldn't be I always seem to have other things to tat.
    Pretty cool about the double yoked eggs. I'll go with them being lucky, too.

  11. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Are double-yokers a sign of good luck? If so, you are in for an exceptional 2012!

  12. wonderful tatting
    white so nice!
    Joyeuses fêtes 'france'