Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Personal Best

It is the best thing to date that I have tatted.  
#28-100 Motif Challenge
Yup.  I deem it so.

This is a Susanne Schwenke pattern from one of the two books of hers that I bought, having been so inspired by umintsuru.

I loved how hers turned out, and wanted to tat the patterns myself.  Till today, I have had hideous problems with the unusual directional instructions, once emailing umuntsuru late into the night, desperate for help - which she graciously and very quickly delivered!

This pattern is more complicated than others in the books that I have attempted, and I followed it very, very slowly, methodically et voilá!

Interestingly, I had to undo the last repeat and finger tat the last few rings and chains, because I had already cut the thread.  No problemo!

Also, I have discovered that I have been doing something wrong since the very beginning of tatting life.  When you tat in a bubble all alone, you do not realize what others might see right away if they were there to notice.

I have always tatted f/s and b/s.  When tatting on the front, I pull  downward through the picots, but I have been twisting the thread because I was holding the pulled-up loop in the wrong place, causing a twist every time!  I saw this very clearly after 3 years, in this motif!

Afterthought:  I did change the pattern in one place.  Instead of a tiny ring of 5 ds, I tatted 10 JKs.


  1. That is a gorgeous snowflake, you must have a beautifully decorated house.
    happy tatting

  2. Sounds to me that maybe NN should come out to play!!! :)))

  3. Last night I was reading your previous post and noticed in the comments that someone had asked what the pattern was (and being the Fox that you are, so slyly said: "It is a secret till done! You will have to guess. : ) "

    So I immediately took to looking up past posts with a photo that resembled the one you had posted... I went all the way back to your first bloggin efforts and found myself pushing the mystery pattern search to the back burner for I was engrossed in your ramblings.

    Needless to say, I had to give up for it was getting late - but thank you for a very interesting and entertaining evening!

    Have you ever gone back and read your postings? Do you realize how far you've come and how much you've accomplished?

    Well done, dear Fox - you should be proud

  4. Isn't that beautiful!! Congratulations, Fox. I think I prefer the CWs too. We learn new things everyday, don't we. I do enjoy Susanne's patterns. Hope you find them interesting too.

  5. Thank you, All! Wonderful comments.

    Kelly - Not on your life!!! : )))

    Lily - an email to follow. I am so touched by your words. : O

  6. gorgeous Fox. Way to go!!

    sang my brains out this afternoon, so they are not functioning well, what is CW?

  7. Woops! Ladytats, my brains are worse than yours! I meant Josephine Knots, but was thinking Catherine Wheels! Thanks for the nudge!
    Fox : ))