Sunday, December 18, 2011

More Magic Maple

'Wheel of Nine Rings' from Christmas Angels and Other Tattings by Monica Hahn

I have always liked this pattern.

I have only tatted it once before, here, and I am posting a photo of that motif, to show you how I have improved my tatting techniques since I did that one two years ago.

This time I found the pattern to be not difficult at all, and did not even have to un-tat. (very much!)

I am convinced that when I hold the Maple shuttle Tatting Fool sent me, which I treasure, I have Houdini digits!

Having some thread remaining on some bobbins, I decided that since I was on a winning streak, I would use up that thread, which I loaded onto the Maple and another post shuttle, and then tat two motifs.

The threads are different sizes; the pink is #80 and the blue, #40, so I was taking a chance to begin with. But, I was driven! All because Tatting Fool posted her version yesterday and I was jealous!

She had seen mine, here, and tatted hers, liking the JK's that I used.  Mine was appalling, as I had experienced a lot of difficult with the pattern, as is obvious from the photo.

So inspired, I tatted this one and changed the centre this time, adding the picots. I must admit that it was initially a mistake, but I liked the effect of the picots, so I left them.

FINALLY, I am happy with the result of this pattern.  
Thank you, Tatting Fool!

pattern by Julie Patterson

There was still thread on the shuttles, 
so I pulled out a Mary Konior book, saw this photo:

and tatted this.  Interestingly, I could not follow the second half of the instructions as written, so I gave  the reins over to Maple and just tatted what I saw, trusting that the shuttle was going in the right direction.  It was!


  1. Hi Fox,

    They are beautiful, gorgeous patteerns and lovely colours. well done
    Love to Gian

  2. Love the little pearl beads on the 1st motif, so incredibly elegant with the color choices you made!

  3. It's not the shuttle, silly, it's you!

    I see a marked improvement in tension between the old Hahn motif and the new one. It all comes of practice and paying attention. I like how you matched the beads to the lighter color, and then also used those beads on the darker thread.

    Mixing 80 and 40, I never would have believed it could work. I like the picots in the middle, too.

  4. I really like that Monica Hahn pattern - and I love the pearl beads added - in the center especially. I may have to try that one.

    And while I'm at it, I need to experiment with a few other shuttles I think. Maybe I can find one to give me Houdini fingers too :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I can see the improvement, Fox, in your tatting. Good stuff!

  6. Thank you, All, for the wonderful comments! Glad you liked it!
    Fox : )

  7. This last one is the pattern I used for the butterfly bookmark with the marbles on the ends. It IS hard to follow, if I remember right. I put two together to make the butterfly which made it even trickier!

  8. I love the first motif, the colours and the beads. I do not have this pattern. The colourful one is pretty too. As for the Mary Konior pattern, I remember I tatted that in Nicobar Pigeon HDT by Marilee. It is a wonder what the mind chooses to remember.

  9. You sent me running to my old book to look at Monica's pattern, which I've never before paid attention to! (I never even noticed the name of it! It's unusual to have nine rings in a pattern!)

    I'm constantly amazed how adding contrasting thread colors and perfectly placed beads can totally enhance the look of a pattern! You have such a talent for doing this, and your black and white version is gorgeous! I love the way the three beads on the picots in the center form that 'ring of beads'!

    I'm also intrigued that the motif can still lie flat with only eight rings, as on the pretty and colorful one. Again, a great combination of thread colors!

    And on the lovely star, I never would have thought to combine size 40 with size 80, yet it's a marvelous effect! You're quite fearless!

  10. I particularly like the cream and black design too and the cumulation of little pearls in the middle - very elegant (and original!).

  11. Oh my, beautiful tatting! The colors sure make a difference in the pattern. How amazing.