Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Konior Kaleidoscope

How lucky I am - must be the double yolks - to have received a sample of rainbow HDT from Jess to play with over the holidays.  

I looked for suitable patterns and came up with a couple from a Mary Konior book. 

These little motifs are just that - LITTLE! The second one is about an inch across, maybe a bit more and the first a wee bit larger.

There was just enough of some old Majestic #80 green left to use for the second shuttle...  Cute, huh? 

Then, a brief excursion into rolled stitches, which I have not practiced in ages. This is a great pattern to play with.

The stitch became easier after about four repeats... You can tell I have relaxed over the holidays - look at all those bare threads!  YIKES!

Thanks, Jess.  I love the feel of the dyed thread - so substantial, even though I think this was #80.


  1. Hi Fox,

    They are both beautiful, love the thread.
    Love to Gian

  2. I love Mary K's patterns! Yours look very nice in that thread.

  3. That's really pretty!

    I can't do rolled stitches...

    You're a better woman than I to brave the stitch!


  4. Beautiful thread - so bright and cheery! I love the feel of dyed thread too.

  5. That rainbow is so beautiful and you motifs are great!! :)

  6. Oh it tats up beautifully! When I first saw the picture, I said, wow, that's pretty thread lol. It may very well be size 80, since it was vintage thread, I don't think it had a size on it. :o)

  7. So pretty! Love the pairing of the rainbow thread with the dark green one in the first motif.