Friday, December 9, 2011

Chilling With Cluny

Did I say that?  Relaxing with clunies?  Ha! Whoever imagined THAT would happen?

I needed a break before tackling The Boss's request  command, so I thought I could practice some techniques I have ignored for a while - a badly disguised act of avoidance!

#27-100 Motif Challenge
Design by Monica Hahn

Once finished - and quickly, I might add - I was still not ready to tackle the dragon, so I started something that in the past has baffled me. So far, so good! 

Perhaps, after this, I will have enough cojones to attempt the bubblegum-pink-beaded-you-know what!


  1. What's the pattern of the pale green item you're working on?

    I admire your clunies. Mine always look dreadful.

  2. CM - It is a secret till done! You will have to guess. : )

  3. I like the cluny !
    your tatting is beautiful

  4. I love the motif. I haven't really understood if clunies are rings or chains. I know that sounds painfully stupid but I figured you're kind enough so I can ask.

  5. Thanks, max!

    Michelel, Me kind? Not on your life! Bah humbug!

    But, I will tell you that the cluny leaf is not really tatting! No, it is an embroidery technique incorporated into tatting, because it works well. But it is not tatting.

    Not a ring; not a chain; it is made by weaving the thread in a particular way around the hand (like cat's cradle) and attaching it to tatting with rings and chains.
    : ) Fox

  6. ooohhhh! Love them both! I did smile when I read the title, remembering old posts of yours.

    SO, the bubble-gum-pink critter will be beaded too, huh? quite a challenge... DO enjoy it!

  7. Let me add to your answer to Michelle: Even though a cluny is not a ring or a chain, clunies can be used in place of chains when designing, because both threads start in one place, and end in another, just like in chains.

  8. Love your clunies Fox! I'm impressed because that's one tatting technique I've not been able to master yet!

  9. You have cluny cojones! Such even, firm, wonky-less clunies. I am envious. I can do the embroidery woven picot stitch (which makes clunies attached at one end to the fabric)but I cannot do them in the 'free' tatting manner.