Tuesday, August 16, 2011


is another of Jon's from Elegant Tatting Gems.  A delightful book.
Thread by Tatskool,  #40 Rainbow Bright, HDT,
a gift from Suneeti, last year!


Tatting Fool was talking about what we do with tatting...
I have always used The Lamp.


I've Been Thinking...
Yesterday, I commented in the comments section:

...I have no answer as the newest ones go on 'The Lamp', and the rest languish in a box in the cupboard. A few lucky ones get given away. We always have this discussion. i wish there was SOMETHING we could do with our work... Maybe a huge travelling tatted throw? Okay! I am going to blog about this tomorrow!...
Well, I had the thought that we in Tat-land could do a travelling something, like Angeline, but a pass-along piece that goes from tatter to tatter, each contibuting a motif.  Has this been done before?  This is not just sending in a motif and having someone put it together, but a growing work of tatting, travelling around the world.

What would we do with the finished item?  It would be great to approach a local paper or Arts Centre and put the idea forward to see if it could garner some interest in tatting as a lace art and as a topical creative force globally!  What say you all?   


Mini-Boss wii get a new pair of socks.  I tried this pattern that I found in "Tatting Times", Karey Solomon's publication, for the edging.  It is sweet!  Took me way to long to figure it out as I started it at midnight.  Not too clever...

It is too large for the little sock, however, so I will do the edging in the same Lizbeth, but using a Mary Konior pattern.


And now, a surprise from Suneeti!
(The stamp is already in the mail to Liam.  He loves Telapia!)

I had shamelessely hinted to her that I love some rayon thread she sent me a while back and I posted this on tat-ology:

  Thank you so much, Suneeti.  

By the way, S,  I saw this pretty little condo, in Rosedale, at a wonderful sale price.  I would so love to move there... 
 : ))


  1. Ooh! La! La! I love it!

    I've thought of using the lamp shade, but I think I'd have to vacuum it first, and that is not a top priority. : )

    Lucky Mini-Boss! Pretty color for the motif.

    I look forward to seeing what you tat with your new thread!

  2. first off, I love your zamrud!!! the colors re cool, great pick, I have started 3 diff snowflakes but I keep looking through the book and I just keep wanting to try them all so each time I pick one, I see another I want to try more, so shame on me, none are finished

    I also really like your display lamp, that is cool :) I bet the motifs look neat when you turn the lamp on in the evening.

    I have rayon I tried using and it was just plain ole slippy, and I have another rayon I used and it was tight and beautiful and incredible! I guess they aren't all the same

    can't wait to see the new socks :D

  3. I LOVE the colors on your zamrud! Very bright and lovely.
    I like the lamp shade, does it cast wonderful shadows in the room?
    You started at midnight? Those days are over for me. School tomorrow.
    I'm fascinated by your traveling display idea, I wonder if the Smithsonian would be interested in such a thing?

  4. Your motif is absolutely Gorgeous!!! And that sock edging is in the sweetest colors! :)

  5. I can offer you a room in the back of beyond in Singapore! S

  6. I so wanted to see the condo in Rosedale... where are the pics?

  7. I believe I need Jon's new book - another beautiful piece! Different threads are always interesting to try - I'm afraid I would get hooked on the very most expensive one if I take that thought too far . . .

    I put my tatting accomplishments away, or give them away. However, my MOM uses the lamp shade method to store the tatting I send to her. She even called to ask how to get a little butterfly off of an envelope I sent as I had (gasp!) GLUED it on. LOL.

  8. Oooh lovely motif and thread at the top!

    That's so funny about the lampshade, I actually did that too (when I had lampshades). In this house, I've banished them from my sight. It's very convenient!


    P.S. I like your header! It's so pretty.

  9. Funny idea with the lampshade. I can't do that, I don't have a lamp with such a shade.

  10. That's a really good idea! I'll have to try that. I was wondering, where would one find some of those wooden shuttles like you have? They are so beautiful!!! They are delicate looking and lacy, almost like tatting!

  11. Happy Bluebird. i laughed! My mom does the same and she does not even like tatting very much! Then she puts the little motifs along with some other doo-dad she has collected! : ))

    Aren't they lovely? You can find them at The Shuttleshop:


    or at The Tatting Forums:

  12. Beautiful zamrud, great idea the lampshade, and a great way of showing off your tatting.

    What a lovely idea of something travelling around the world being added to. something not too heavy as postage in the UK is getting beyond words. It would be nice if it was presented to someone famous who could at least get the press out when you give it to them.... the US president or someone equal to him.
    I love the edging for mini boss look forward to seeing it when you have finished it.


  13. Thank you so much for the link! I would love to order one in the not too distant future!

  14. Margaret, i LOVE the idea of presenting it to someone famous who could promote tatting! Like perhape sending it to... let's see, maybe... : ))