Monday, August 1, 2011

How Could I?

The pattern calls for EIGHT rings in the centre.  Right.  
That must be why I tatted SEVEN. 
Enough said.

***(except to add that I do not know what this gorgeous thread is! Ladytats  so generously sent it to me and it is about  #40-ish, and very, very soft and fuzzy.  Two ply. A bit tricky to work with, but sooo worth it!)

**** The green chain thread is the DMC perle I was sent by Monica that I have run out of it so am using the very same colour in  green Mercer #40 thread I received ages ago in a draw from Typstatting.

Socks are in the mail to Manhattan.
Very cute pattern.  Fast.

The beads are new - could not resist last week when in the beads shop!
 Love the colour! Unfortunately, you can't see, 
but they are multi-shades of red
 with golden hues.

What kind of scissors do you use?

I just ordered these  -  Gingher - as I dropped my old scissors once too often, and they did not cut anymore at all.  These were reduced at Amazon and even with the shipping were very reasonably priced. I read that the quality of this brand has diminished and that they no longer not live up to their reputation. Comments?

However, I cannot justify spending a lot on scissors if they are going to only last a few years and have to be replaced because of falls and wear...  Thoughts?  What about sharpening?

In the meanwhile, luckily I have a pair I use in when travelling by air, sent to me last year by Aileen. They are great to have as a second pair.  : )

My Favourite Bookmark Pattern

I love this pattern. 

Krystle and I exchanged bookmarks last year and she sent me this one:

So, when I decided to send a gift across The Pond, I naturally thought of this bookmark, which I use every single day in the book that I am currently reading, and there is always one with me wherever I go.  This bookmark has seen a lot of miles!

Here is the one that went of with Canada Post:

It is a Lenore English pattern, tatted with the same silk that is in Krystle's - in #30,  Zwicky silk - no longer available. Krystle thinks it is from Switzerland.   She sent me two spools of the stuff and I keep it locked away for special occasions!  This is the green one.  The other is burgundy and I have yet to use it!

The other thread is Marilee's Stardate - #30.

The beads in the centre are lavender  Delicas and the outer ones are beautiful silver-coloured beads from Suneeti. : )


  1. I've done the same thing many times... not enough center rings... and I always seem to discover it at the very end of the motif. Very distressing!

    I use Gingher scissors, and I love them! When Sue Anna and I met with Jane last week, she showed us how she uses nail clippers instead of scissors. Very close cut!

  2. I LOVE the colors in that top motif!!! And the socks are adorable!!! And that bookmark is wonderful! :)

  3. the 2nd bookmark with Stardate is so nice with the light color. It really shows off the pattern well. Nice work. Mini Boss must have a fantastic collection of socks to wear. What a lucky girl. Karen in OR

  4. Lovely bookmark.

    The top motif - it appears you are channeling me. It's the kind of mistake I make constantly.

    How is the boy?

  5. Amazing colours. What is that variegated thread?

    Bunny socks are adorable.

    I use to only use those made in china foldable little scissors but a few years back I bought myself a little pair of scissors (no brand name in sight). Still nice and sharp as I only use it for tatting threads.

    I love Lenore's patterns. I tatted this in a variegated thread and I must try this again in two colours like you and Krystle did.

  6. Yeah, I've done that a time or two.

    I love seeing all the different colors you've been using with Stardate. It gives me ideas.

    I use Gingher embroidery scissors. Not the stork ones, just the regular ones. I've had the same pair for probably 15 years or so. I use them only for threads, so they are still nice and sharp. I hadn't heard about their quality going downhill; that is very sad if it's true.

  7. the coordinating color you chose in the top motif, really sets things off and the beads look great. it will look wonderful when finished. I too have mis-counted the center rings and had to start over.

  8. Ok, I admit it I’m a gadget nerd. If there is a gadget that goes with an art or what ever I peruse...For example, when I married the only advice my Dad gave DH was, “She really likes gadgets.” (I got it from him!)
    So I have 5 pr of scissors. 1 pr are the vintage stork, they are really old but I don’t know who made them ~ they’re still sharp. I have a pair that have inlaid MOP and rough sapphires (that is they are not the polished sort) They are in one of my Roly Poly bags and are travel quite often; then there are the stainless folding sort (very sharp) I have a gold pair that are etched with flourishes and they were the most costly. I have a folding pair of the Orange handled ones from Wicked Tats in S’pore; at my bedside. Most are Gingher brand, but one brand begins with a W. (not Wustoff) 3 pr are imported from Europe bought through e-bay store. I only use them for thread. When I got them, shipping wasn’t as dear as it is now. I bought the gold ones in a store in northern CA. A lady (now passed) had this small show (Sew-Sew) and most of her goods had been around for a while. I bought my first scissors and all of the thread for my table runner from her. She had a little Shitzu puppy that was so cute; when the new owners took over, they soon closed the shop. So those scissors are precious to me because I’m sure they were in that glass case for years, because I’ve seen them on the front cover of tatting books published back in the 20’s! xxxx bev

  9. Hi Fox,

    I recommend the sissors I have a pair they are great and only used for thread, I thought grand daughter was going to pinch them she kept saying how nice they are, no chance.
    Lovely bookmarks, they are beautiful patterns, you have done a lovely work on them, never mind about 7 rings it still looks good.
    Have a nice day

  10. Ah, have you ever tried using nail clippers instead of scissors? I use them a lot. You can snug them right up to the tatting and cut easily. I do use scissors, though and can't wait to use a pair that Diane gave me. With your track record, dear Fox, I do suggest trying the nail clippers!!!!

  11. Oh, Jane ...good point! (forgive the pun!) ; ))

    Would you believe I cut my cuticle (on the plane) with the nail-clippers that I had in my carry-on bag? Who does that??!!
    Fox : 0

  12. I have a set I only use one pair out of, & I'd be glad to send you one or 2 pairs if you want them. They're walmart scissors... I think the blade says "realsharp" or "eversharp" or something of that nature, but they're sharp - I've never used most of them! I use the smallest pair that came in the set in my purse & my other pair is just black with no name at all... Not sure how that worked out :)

  13. Thanks, RandaGray,
    I will pass on that, as the scissors I ordered are on the way and I only want one pair. Very sweet of you to offer.
    Fox : ))

  14. As for the seven-ring motif, why not work it into a new shape intentionally? (I make this mistake all the time. so look for ways to make it an "improvisation" instead of an error.

    My first thought is to join a second seven-ring center to the first one and continue the second round around. Voila!

    Of course whatever you do is the right thing.

  15. Love, LOve, LOVE the bright colors!!!

    Never tried that brand of scissors.. I use my trusty Fiskars.. had the same pair for about 10 years now. (short scissor with orange handles) I have a larger pair with blue handles but they don't cut as well...