Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eight, Not Seven...

 I took the sage advice.
Here is the finished corrected motif:

Also from this book:

I like this book!

A final note.  
Something Happened:

: )


  1. I love the final motif - and I really think the black framework is stunning. Love the heart motif also - and again the black framing just pops.

    Gian IS a dreamer, isn't he?

  2. The motif is fabulous!!! :)
    The heart is great too! :)

  3. Oooh, I hope that creepy-crawly is nothing poisonous! I'm sure Gian is very proud of his catch.

    That motif is very attractive. I like the colors you've used; the solid chains really emphasize the overall shape of the piece, as well as the negative space.

  4. Wow! That header just jumped off my screen! Beautiful! Of course, the shuttle is so very special!

    I really like the mat on the cover, and apparently it would take 'only' 12 motifs to make it. Sounds almost 'do-able'.

    Black thread always makes a dramatic statement, and looks great on both the motif and the heart.

    All the pictures are cute except the last one. Ick!!!

  5. The eight rings do make a difference! I love the heart motif. Sigh... another book to look at again. ; )

  6. That Gian! such a clever devil!

    Love the motif, and the new header

  7. Now it is different, I mean perfect!

    Pour little cat:-)

  8. Oh, I *love* how the square motif turned out - really, really stunning colour combination, and very interesting negative space too. Your new header is great!

    What an interesting book indeed.

  9. Pretty! Both patterns are lovely. Gian's paw on your tatting is a precious photo.

  10. Hi Fox,

    Beautiful motif, I am sure he had your best interests in heart when he walked on it. Looks a very interesting book, and lovely heart,
    I am sure he would have preferred the eagle but an insect only filled a very small hole in his tummy.
    I like your new heading.

  11. I am in awe, as usual. Thank you for posting such beautiful works to brighten our days!

  12. Pretty! Such pretty work! Even your errors look good. The black does indeed make the colors show. And the heart look beautiful.

    I agree, I will have to look for that book as well.

  13. Hi again, Fox!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I've received and appreciated all your nice comments! Indeed I do re-check others' comment boxes for 'responses', which are always appreciated.

    My query about the holes in the Boye bobbin shuttles was really relating to the three holes in a straight line in the body of the shuttle. Until I finally learned how to tat, I thought that the thread had to come out of one of the holes! Such crazy mysteries, but I've never seen an explanation! As to the holes in the bobbins? Another mystery!

    I have to amend my statement, though, that the new Boye shuttles don't allow one to put the bobbin on the end to wind it. I realize it's the Susan Bates metal shuttle end that is too big for the bobbin.

  14. Thanks, All, for the great comments! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
    Fox : )

  15. The black really makes the motifs pop! Gian's catch is creepy. Have a good weekend.

  16. That motif looks stunning in those colors (and with eight repeats:) ) and makes a wonderful header. I looked at that motif and thought it looked familiar, then you showed which book it was from and I understood. I've made several things from that book, also.

  17. wonderful work Fox, I have made and received several of those heart motifs. they are fun and dramatic. your thread choices really pop. good cat, very good cat.

  18. Thanks,Ladytats. I think I am going to keep him... : )) Fox

  19. I think that I need to get a cat to help with my tatting :)